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Sabattier effect [pseudo-solarization]
Sabattier-Effekt {m} [Pseudo-Solarisation]
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Übersetzung für 'Sabattier' von Englisch nach Deutsch

Sabattier effect [pseudo-solarization]
Sabattier-Effekt {m} [Pseudo-Solarisation]photo.
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  • In the North West General Gabriel Sabattier's Tonkin division had enough time to be spared an assault by the Japanese and were able to retreat northwest from their base in Hanoi, hoping to reach the Chinese border.
  • Light fogging on a print usually only occurs because of poor control of lighting in the darkroom and is seen as an overall dark veil across the print or, occasionally, as unintended Sabattier effect.
  • "O'Sullivan Meets O'Farrell: Volume II" was recorded in February 2008 in Newport, Rhode Island, with baroque cellist Audrey Sabattier-Cienniwa and harpsichordist Paul Cienniwa playing basso continuo.
  • Jacques Victor Sabattier de Vignolle died on 8 January 1968.
  • After the war Fischer continued to exhibit and modernised his practice with graphic techniques including solarisation and Sabattier effects, bas-relief, contour printing, posterisation, and tone-dropout in both monochrome and colour printing.
  • ... 13 January 1834 – 22 December 1910) was a French zoologist known for his studies of comparative anatomy of animals, and for his work in photography, discovering and publishing in 1860 the Sabattier effect, also known as pseudo-solarisation.
  • Sabattier was modest and gentle, and made many friends.
  • Using custom Curves settings in Image editors such as Photoshop, one can mimic the "pseudo-solarisation" effect, better known in photographic circles as the "Sabattier-effect".
  • Solarization (also pseudo-solarization or Sabattier effect) is a photographic tone reversal technique.
  • When the Japanese launched a campaign to destroy the French in the mountains, Sabattier led his soldiers on a retreat of [...] to China in May.
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