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NOUN   Sabbatarian | Sabbatarians
Sabbatarier {pl}
Sabbatianer {pl} [christlich]
Sabbatisten {pl} [Sabbatarianer]
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Übersetzung für 'Sabbatarians' von Englisch nach Deutsch

Sabbatarier {pl}relig.

Sabbatianer {pl} [christlich]relig.

Sabbatisten {pl} [Sabbatarianer]relig.
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  • Sunday trains were introduced from December 1848. This resulted in constant criticism at subsequent Shareholders' Meetings from convinced sabbatarians.
  • On 3 June 1883 the station was occupied by 150 Sabbatarians, defeating the local police force and railway employees, to prevent the despatch of fish to London.
  • They were usually either born on Saturday (then called Sabbatarians,) or the offspring of a vampire and a woman (typically his widow), called a "dhampir" in Romanian or a "vampirović" in Serbian.
  • He was notable for polemic anti-Catholic literature and against Szekler Sabbatarians.
  • After he associated with the Szekler Sabbatarians who were later persecuted by the Calvinist bishop István Geleji Katona.
  • Chancellor Simon Péchi (1575–1642) was a Hungarian Székely official, and wealthy supporter of Matthias Vehe and nobleman András Eőssi's Szekler Sabbatarians movement in Transylvania.
  • The seventh-day Sabbatarians observe and re-stablish the Old Testament Sabbath commandment, including observances running from Friday sunset to Saturday sunset, similar to Jews and the early Christians.
  • The Magyar Sabbatarians arose among Transylvanian Unitarians, led by the Matthias Vehe's followers András Eőssi and Simon Péchi who founded the Sabbatarians 1588, after Ferenc Dávid died in prison and the Unitarian church formalised on a non-Sabbatarian line.
  • Martin Seidel was a refugee from Oława in Silesia, who sided with the Szekler Sabbatarians of the Unitarian movement in Transylvania, which Sozzini characterised as "semi-judaizers".
  • A major disadvantage is for sabbatarians, who are obliged to worship every seventh day. Their holy day will occur on a different weekday every year.
  • Vehe's followers András Eőssi and Simon Péchi founded the Szekler Sabbatarians, after Dávid died in prison in 1579.
  • Non-Sabbatarians and some first-day Sabbatarians believe Hebrews 8 indicates Sabbath-keeping is not mandatory, because "in that he saith, a new covenant, he hath made the first old" ([...] KJV; or "obsolete" NIV).
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