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Schrödinger equation
Schrödingergleichung {f}
Schrödinger picture
Schrödinger-Bild {n} [Schrödingerbild]
Schrödinger's cat
Schrödingers Katze {f}
Schrödinger's equations [also: Schroedinger's / Schrodinger's equations, Schrödinger / Schroedinger equations]
Schrödinger-Gleichungen {pl} [auch: Schrödingergleichungen]
Schrödinger cat-like state
Katzenzustand {m} [Quantenoptik]
time-independent Schroedinger / Schrödinger / Schrodinger equation
zeitunabhängige Schrödingergleichung {f}
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  • As of the release of Schrödinger-1.0.9, "Schrödinger outperforms dirac-research in most encoding situations, both in terms of encoding speed and visual quality".
  • The Schrödinger–Newton equation, sometimes referred to as the Newton–Schrödinger or Schrödinger–Poisson equation, is a nonlinear modification of the Schrödinger equation with a Newtonian gravitational potential, where the gravitational potential emerges from the treatment of the wave function as a mass density, including a term that represents interaction of a particle with its own gravitational field.
  • Vallis Schrödinger (Latin for "Schrödinger Valley") is a long, nearly linear valley that lies on the far side of the Moon.
  • With Herbert Koch and Daniel Tătaru, Vișan is the author of the book "Dispersive Equations and Nonlinear Waves: Generalized Korteweg–de Vries, Nonlinear Schrödinger, Wave and Schrödinger Maps" (Birkhäuser/Springer, 2014).
  • Since Schrödinger's time, other interpretations of quantum mechanics have been proposed that give different answers to the questions posed by Schrödinger's cat of how long superpositions last and when (or "whether") they collapse.
  • Quantization of angular momentum was first postulated by Niels Bohr in his model of the atom and was later predicted by Erwin Schrödinger in his Schrödinger equation.
  • Nimbus Therapeutics, co-founded by Schrödinger, uses Schrödinger's drug screening and design platform for drug discovery.
  • Then [...] is the discrete Schrödinger operator, an analog of the continuous Schrödinger operator.
  • Although the Wick-rotated Schrödinger equation does not have a direct physical meaning, interesting properties of the Schrödinger operator [...] can be extracted by studying it.
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