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NOUN   the Schrödinger picture | Schrödinger pictures
Schrödinger picture
Schrödinger-Bild {n} [Schrödingerbild]
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Übersetzung für 'Schrödinger picture' von Englisch nach Deutsch

Schrödinger picture
Schrödinger-Bild {n} [Schrödingerbild]phys.
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  • In the Schrödinger picture, the unitary operators are taken to act upon the system's quantum state, whereas in the Heisenberg picture, the time dependence is incorporated into the observables instead.
  • In quantum mechanics, the Wigner–Weyl transform or Weyl–Wigner transform (after Hermann Weyl and Eugene Wigner) is the invertible mapping between functions in the quantum phase space formulation and Hilbert space operators in the Schrödinger picture.
  • This is particularly relevant in quantum mechanics where the Schrödinger picture and Heisenberg picture are (mostly) equivalent descriptions of time evolution.
  • Corresponding to the trace-preserving property of the Schrödinger picture Lindblad equation, the Heisenberg picture equation is unital, i.e. it preserves the identity operator.
  • It stands in contrast to the Schrödinger picture in which the operators are constant, instead, and the states evolve in time.
  • corresponds to a quantum-mechanical probability amplitude or pure state; the unitary matrices can be thought of as governing the time evolution of the system (viz in the Schrödinger picture).
  • The Heisenberg picture is the closest to classical Hamiltonian mechanics (for example, the commutators appearing in the above equations directly translate into the classical Poisson brackets); but this is already rather "high-browed", and the Schrödinger picture is considered easiest to visualize and understand by most people, to judge from pedagogical accounts of quantum mechanics.
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