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Second Serbian Uprising [1815-1817]
Zweiter Serbischer Aufstand {m}
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Second Serbian Uprising [1815-1817]
Zweiter Serbischer Aufstand {m}hist.
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  • It is best known for the house of Miloš Obrenović in which the Second Serbian Uprising was started, in fact, the village was the Capital of what was then Principality of Serbia for two years, from 1815 until 1818.
  • Until the Second Serbian Uprising in 1815, the village was part of Ottoman Serbia.
  • This period was marked by the alternation of two dynasties descending from Đorđe Petrović—Karađorđe, leader of the First Serbian Uprising and Miloš Obrenović, leader of the Second Serbian Uprising.
  • In that year he was named governor of the Eyalet of Bosnia and from that position he campaigned with success against the Second Serbian Uprising led by Miloš Obrenović.
  • Necessary restoration work was performed after the Second Serbian Uprising.
  • Banjica used to be a suburban village, inhabited in the early 19th century by migrants from southeastern Serbia who came after the end of the Second Serbian Uprising in 1815.
  • Prota Mateja's memoirs ("Memoari Prote Mateje Nenadovića") are the most valuable authority for the history of the first and Second Serbian uprising against the Turks.
  • The Second Serbian Uprising of 1815 brought nothing to Negotin initially, having only liberated Belgrade and its vicinity.
  • After the Second Serbian Uprising in 1815, Žarkovo continued to prosper.
  • He would also have been familiarised with the outcomes of the First and Second Serbian Uprising.
  • Dan Vojske Srbije ("Serbian Armed Forces Day") is marked on 23 April, the anniversary of the beginning of the 1815 Second Serbian Uprising which began the long road towards the restoration of Serbian independence after years of Ottoman occupation.
  • Although the uprising was unsuccessful, it resumed shortly with the Second Serbian Uprising in 1815.
  • After the Second Serbian uprising, Karanovac was liberated in 1819 under the rule of Prince Miloš Obrenović.
  • The Second Serbian Uprising (1815–1817) under the leadership of Miloš Obrenović started in this village.
  • The First Serbian Uprising took place in 1804, followed by the Second Serbian Uprising in 1815; Serbia was fully liberated by 1867. Officially recognized independence followed in 1878.
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