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T1-weighted image <T1WI>
T1-gewichtete Aufnahme {f} [Ergebnis]
T1-weighted imaging
T1-gewichtete Bildgebung {f}
T1-weighted turbo spin-echo sequence
T1-gewichtete Turbo-Spinecho-Sequenz {f}
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  • Several different types of magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) may be employed in diagnosis: MRI without contrast, Gd contrast enhanced T1-weighted MRI (GdT1W) or T2-weighted enhanced MRI (T2W or T2*W).
  • HCC appears as a high-intensity pattern on T2-weighted images and a low-intensity pattern on T1-weighted images.
  • When "yellow" fatty marrow becomes replaced by tissue with more cellular composition, this change is apparent as decreased brightness on T1-weighted sequences.
  • In T1-weighted imaging, edema in the heart can be detected with a high T1 signal.
  • T1-weighted MRI imaging would show intermediate to high intensity while T2-weighted imaging would show high signal intensity.
  • Manganese, a contrast agent for T1-weighted MRI, travels by anterograde transport after stereotaxic injection into the brain of experimental animals and thereby reveals circuitry by whole brain MR imaging in living animals, as pioneered by Robia Pautler, Elaine Bearer and Russ Jacobs.
  • In myxoid liposarcoma, it shows low signal intensity mass with high signal intensity foci on T1-weighted MRI images.
  • Extracellular edema after traumatic events causing neural damage show an increased signal intensity on T2-weighted MRI sequences and normal intensity on T1-weighted sequences.
  • Magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) will demonstrate signaling intensity on T1-weighted imaging, and signaling intensity on T2-weighted imaging.
  • (b) Sagittal T1-weighted MRI shows an irregular fracture line (arrow) within an ill-defined area of hypointensity corresponding to bone marrow edema.
  • T1-weighted imaging can show low T1 signal due to sphingolipid storage in the heart even without ventricular hypertrophy in 40% of the those affected by the disease.
  • Fat has increased intensity in T1-weighted images.
  • On MRI, ectopic cervical thymus appears as a homogeneous mass which is isointense to muscle on T1-weighted scans and hyperintense on T2-weighted scans.
  • On MRI, dityomas typically appear slightly to moderately hyperdense to vitreous on T1-weighted images and hypodense on T2-weighted images, with marked homogeneous enhancement (except for prominent parts of cystic components, which, if present, may impart heterogeneity) after administration of intravenous contrast material.
  • "T1" weighted images can be obtained by setting short repetition time (TR) such as < 750 ms and echo time (TE) such as < 40 ms in conventional spin echo sequences, while in Gradient Echo Sequences they can be obtained by using flip angles of larger than 50o while setting TE values to less than 15 ms.
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