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T2-weighted image <T2WI>
T2-gewichtete Aufnahme {f} [Ergebnis]
T2-weighted sequence
T2-gewichtete Sequenz {f}
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  • HCC appears as a high-intensity pattern on T2-weighted images and a low-intensity pattern on T1-weighted images.
  • Both anterior cruciate ligament (ACL) and posterior cruciate ligaments (PCL) are hypointense on both T1 and T2 weighted images of MRI.
  • Especially effective is the T2-weighted MRI at visualizing the pathognomonic Rokitansky-Aschoff sinuses, which appear as round-shaped hyperintense cystic spaces that align in a curvilinear fashion along the gallbladder wall in a pattern described as the ”pearl necklace sign”.
  • MRCP makes use of heavily T2-weighted MRI pulse sequences.
  • MR sequences such as spin echo with T1 and T2-weighted sequences, inversion recovery, chemical shift selective techniques, and gradient echo techniques are used to examine the articular cartilage.
  • It is not uncommon for radiologists to miss this type of meniscal cyst because the signal intensity is not quite as great as fluid on T2 weighted sequences.2 When this fluid is extruded into the adjacent soft tissues, the swollen meniscus subsequently assumes a more normal shape, and the extruded fluid demonstrates a higher T2 signal typical of parameniscal cysts.
  • Imaging the source of the leak with heavy T2-weighted MRI or contrast lymphangiography is an advised for refractory effusions.
  • The uterus will have a thickened junctional zone with darker/diminished signal on both T1 and T2 weighted sequences.
  • Magnetic resonance imaging findings may be more characteristic: The cystic spaces demonstrate both high and low signal intensity on T1- and T2-weighted images.
  • Extracellular edema after traumatic events causing neural damage show an increased signal intensity on T2-weighted MRI sequences and normal intensity on T1-weighted sequences.
  • The presence of haemorrhagic tracks on gradient-echo T2-weighted MRI is characteristic and possibly diagnostic.
  • On MRI T2-weighted spin-echo images, inflamed pericardium will show high signal intensity.
  • T1-weighted imaging may identify scarring of cardiac tissues while T2-weighted imaging may identify oedema and inflammation of cardiac tissue which is associated with acute clinical signs of chest pain and fainting episodes.
  • In the amyloid deposition of the joints, there will be a decreased signal in both T1 and T2 weighted MRI images.
  • Echo-planar imaging allows T2* weighted images to be collected many times faster than previously possible.
  • Edema formations, inflammatory changes and ruptures increase the signals in a T2-weighted image.
  • Its T2-weighted imaging can detect acute inflammation.
  • In myxoid liposarcoma, it shows low signal intensity mass with high signal intensity foci on T1-weighted MRI images.
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