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triiodothyronine <T3>
Trijodthyronin {n} <T3>
triiodothyronine <T3>
Triiodthyronin {n} <T3> [fachspr.]
free triiodothyronine <free T3, fT3>
freies Triiodthyronin {n} <freies T3, fT3> [fachspr.]
reverse triiodothyronine <reverse T3, rT3>
reverses Triiodthyronin {n} <reverses T3, rT3>
third thoracic vertebra <3rd thoracic vertebra, T3 vertebra, T3> [Vertebra thoracica III]
dritter Brustwirbel {m} <3. Brustwirbel, Th3, Th 3>
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  • This can happen by the insertion of Y itself or a height increase of one of its subtrees t2 or t3 (with the consequence that they are of different height) or by a height decrease of subtree t1.
  • But the second instruction might get the number from R5 (to copy to R6) in its second step (instruction decode and register fetch) at time "t3".
  • Due to its links with the T3 brand and close ties with the industry it covers, the T3 web site frequently breaks news stories before any other outlets. It relaunched in December 2007 as t3.com.
  • The dimensions of airflow are M/t and those of fuel-flow are ML2/t3, where M, L and t are mass, length and time.
  • Among these were the "mh t3" or land cubits, remen royal cubits, rods or "ha3t", generally the lengths in multiples of 100 units.
  • The Fourier transform of C4 (t1, t2, t3) (fourth-order cumulant-generating function) is called the trispectrum or trispectral density.
  • His nomen "k3š-t3" (transcribed as Kashta, possibly pronounced /kuʔʃi-taʔ/) "of the land of Kush" is often translated directly as "The Kushite".
  • The text also mentions his mother, "the queen" ("t3 pr-ˁ3t") Naytal.
  • Fet3p is a multicopper oxidase (MCO)2 found in "Saccharomyces cerevisiae" with a structure consisting of three cupredoxin-like β-barrel domains and four copper ions located in three distinct metal sites (T1 in domain 3, T2, and the binuclear T3 at the interface between domains 1 and 3).
  • Nesitanebetashru "(ns-t3-nb.t-ỉšrw)" was the name of two ancient Egyptian women.
  • The Libyan tribe of "pỉdw" shows up in Egyptian records by the 22nd dynasty, while a Ptolemaic text from Edfu refers to the "t3 n nꜣ pỉt.w" "the land of the Pitu".
  • Nebettawy "(nb.t-t3.wỉ;" “Lady of the Two Lands”) was an ancient Egyptian princess and queen, the fifth daughter and one of the eight Great Royal Wives of Pharaoh Ramesses II.
  • "N = N* = 3:" "t0 = 0, t1 = 2/15, t2 = 7/15, t3 = 1"; "a1 = 1/15, a2 = 3/10 = 0.3, a3 = 11/15".
  • In addition to its formal name, Egyptians also refer to it as " [...] " ([...] 'the land of turquoise'). [...] The ancient Egyptians called it "t3 mfk3.t", or 'land of turquoise' (see above).
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