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terrain contour matching <TERCOM>
Gelände-Kontur-Abgleich {m}
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Übersetzung für 'TERCOM' von Englisch nach Deutsch

terrain contour matching <TERCOM>
Gelände-Kontur-Abgleich {m}aviat.mil.
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  • The Type 12 features INS with mid-course GPS guidance and better precision due to enhanced TERCOM and target discrimination capabilities.
  • Terrain contour matching, or TERCOM, is a navigation system used primarily by cruise missiles.
  • Some missiles can be fitted with any of a variety of navigation systems (Inertial navigation, TERCOM, or satellite navigation).
  • To reduce electronic emissions from the missile, the radar used in the AGM-86B was replaced with a combination of inertial navigation and terrain contour matching (TERCOM) enhanced with highly accurate speed updates provided by a Lidar Doppler velocimeter.
  • The nuclear armed AGM-86B uses a terrain contour-matching guidance system (TERCOM) to fly to its assigned target.
  • The Hound Dogs would be retained pending the outcome of the Terrain Contour Matching (TERCOM) guidance system development program.
  • It uses the TERCOM navigation system.
  • The navigation system employed by the Mobin is both the TERCOM and DSMAC systems.
  • TERCOM – Terrain Contour Matching. A digital representation of an area of terrain is mapped based on digital terrain elevation data or stereo imagery.
  • The term "contrast contour" is sometimes used, but this may be confused with TERCOM systems.
  • Seven years later he founded and became Director of Tercom and in 1996 founded and led the Software Engineering Chair of St.
  • The use of onboard maps, video processing and terrain comparison (TERCOM) software gave cruise missiles unprecedented accuracy.
  • Satellite-aided guidance could be augmented by terrain contour matching TERCOM (Terrain Contour Matching) guidance.
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