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NOUN   the Taklamakan Desert | -
SYNO Taklamakan Desert | Taklimakan Desert
Taklamakan Desert
Taklamakan-Wüste {f}
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Übersetzung für 'Taklamakan Desert' von Englisch nach Deutsch

Taklamakan Desert
Taklamakan-Wüste {f}geogr.
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  • These cities, the largest of which was Kucha, also served as way stations on the branch of the Silk Road that ran along the northern edge of the Taklamakan desert.
  • In Dunhuang they would get fresh camels, food and guards for the journey around the dangerous Taklamakan Desert.
  • The largest crescentic dunes on Earth, with mean crest-to-crest widths of more than three kilometres, are in China's Taklamakan Desert.
  • The northern part hosts the city center, while the southern part is occupied by the Taklamakan Desert.
  • , was an ancient Buddhist kingdom located on the branch of the Silk Road that ran along the northern edge of what is now the Taklamakan Desert in the Tarim Basin and south of the Muzat River.
  • To its north is one of the most arid and desolate desert climates on the earth, the Taklamakan Desert, and to its south the largely uninhabited Kunlun Mountains (Qurum).
  • Hoernlé discussed this issue in his 1899 report but decided in favour of their authenticity, recounting Islam Akhun's tale of the discovery of the manuscripts and documents in the ruined sites of the ancient Kingdom of Khotan in the Taklamakan desert.
  • He drafted the first precise maps of areas unresearched until that date: the Pamir mountains, the Taklamakan desert, Tibet, the Silk Road and the Himalayas.
  • They stretch along the southern edge of what is now called the Tarim Basin, the infamous Taklamakan desert, and the Gobi Desert.
  • One of his significant finds during his first journey during 1900–1901 was the Taklamakan Desert oasis of Dandan Oilik where he was able to uncover a number of relics.
  • North of Khotan, it eventually dries up in the Taklamakan desert, its seasonal bed joined by that of the Black Jade River (Karakash River) near Koxlax (some 200 km north of Khotan, [...]), from where it continues north as the Hotan River, which flows into the Tarim River.
  • In the Taklamakan Desert and in the Lop Nur basin, the average annual total of precipitation is about [...].
  • The Taklimakan or Taklamakan Desert ([...]; [...] , Xiao'erjing: [...] , [...]; [...]; also spelled Teklimakan) is a desert in Southwestern Xinjiang in Northwest China.
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