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Taku Glacier
Taku-Gletscher {m}
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Übersetzung für 'Taku' von Englisch nach Deutsch

Taku Glacier
Taku-Gletscher {m}geogr.
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  • In addition to French cuisine restaurant Hanse Stube, a second restaurant was opened in 2001: the taku, offers Asian cuisine in a contemporary atmosphere.
  • Featured locations of the Expanse include Azati Prime, the Calindra system, Oran'taku, Triannon, and Xindus.
  • According to tradition, Hei chose the area around Mercury Bay as home for his tribe, proclaiming ownership by calling Motueka Island "Te Kuraetanga-o-taku-Ihu" (the outward curve of my nose).
  • The verb taku- – "to see" – is one example. However, other verbs require an additional suffix to shift classes.
  • The meeting itself is punctuated and guided through the use of bells – usually the kinhin bell and the wooden clapper known as a "taku".
  • It was given the traditional name Te Kuraetanga o taku Ihu, named by the rangatira Hei, who likened the island to his "tā moko".
  • This traditional religion is called Hyel or Hyel- taku and Naptu is a personal god who takes cares of the people.
  • Thus for Inuit "takuvagit" "I see you" was pidgin "uvanga taku ivvit".
  • One theory says that "daku" comes from the "taku" part of "takusan" ("many, a lot") which, when doubled as in "daku-daku", is also the onomatopoeia (imitative word) for the sound of dripping.
  • Mākereti Papakura claimed that Māori considered it a great luxury as demonstrated in their saying: "Kia whakaara koe i taku moe, ko te whatu turei a Rua" meaning "When you awaken me from my sleep let it be for the purpose of eating the whatu turei a Rua (Hīnau meal).
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