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Terracotta Army [China]
Terrakottaarmee {f}
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Übersetzung für 'Terracotta Army' von Englisch nach Deutsch

Terracotta Army [China]
Terrakottaarmee {f}archaeo.
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  • This growth pattern can be seen on the clay soldiers in the Terracotta Army.
  • Buses run there from the Terracotta Army and from Xi'an.
  • The Terracotta Army is a collection of terracotta sculptures depicting the armies of Qin Shi Huang, the first emperor of China.
  • Chinese saddles are depicted among the cavalry horses in the Terracotta Army of the Qin dynasty, completed by 206 BC.
  • Han purple was used for the Terracotta Army in the tomb of Emperor Qin Shi Huang—the expense of producing Han purple and other pigments in such large quantities would have emphasized luxury and status.
  • He is best known for his work in the excavation and preservation of the Terracotta Army in Xi'an, China and is praised as "the father of the Terracotta Warriors".
  • The city has many important historical sites, and some are ongoing archaeological projects, such as the Mausoleum of Qin Shi Huang and his Terracotta Army.
  • In the first episode, Hong and his colleagues stand guard at an exhibition of the First Emperor's Terracotta Army.
  • Additional exhibits included a detailed panorama of a scholarly retreat called Lodge of the Calming of the Heart, an outdoor array of 6,000 one-third scale soldiers and chariots from the Terracotta Army tomb of the first Emperor of Qin, an indoor panorama of a city called the Venice of China (Suzhou), and rooms exhibiting details of historical architecture and weapons.
  • 7 km west of where the Terracotta Army was found.
  • After visiting the school, the delegation visited the Terracotta Army.
  • The Terracotta Army was inconspicuous due to its underground location, and was not discovered until 1974.
  • However, the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) at the time protected some of the most important Chinese historical monuments, including some archaeological discoveries such as the Terracotta Army.
  • The Terracotta Army discovered in the tomb of the first Emperor of China (c. ...
  • Task Rosen of the British Museum considered them to be more outstanding than the Terracotta Army in Xi'an.
  • An example of an extremely rich royal grave of the Iron Age is the Terracotta Army of Qin Shi Huang.
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