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to bring together againwieder zusammenbringen
to come together againwiedervereinigen
to come together againsichAkk. wieder vereinigen
to get together againwieder zusammenkommen
to put sth. back together againetw.Akk. wieder zusammensetzen
All the king's horses // And all the king's men // Couldn't put Humpty together again. [from nursery rhyme "Humpty Dumpty"]
Und auch der König mit seinem Heer // rettete Humpty Dumpty nicht mehr. [aus dem Kinderreim: "Humpty Dumpty"]
to get one's life back together again [idiom] sein Leben wieder in geordnete Bahnen bringen [Redewendung]
Together Again [Charles Vidor]
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  • A 32-bit hashed integer is transcribed by successively indexing the table with the value of each byte of the plain text integer and XORing the loaded values together (again, the starting value can be the identity value or a random seed).
  • However, when Curtis and Hoover ran together again in 1932 during the Great Depression, they lost as the public gave the Democrats Franklin D.
  • To maintain concurrency however the program needs to re-execute the new value and the sleeping process together again.
  • Now that their family is together again, they travel to France and eventually Liberia, the African nation created for former American slaves.
  • The converse of analysis is synthesis: putting the pieces back together again in new or different whole.
  • The marker on the crypt was changed from "Grace Allen Burns—Beloved Wife And Mother (1895–1964)" to "Gracie Allen (1895–1964) and George Burns (1896–1996)—Together Again".
  • On December 12, 2022, Jackson announced she was going on tour again starting April 14, 2023, with her Together Again Tour and teased new music.
  • He also expressed support for a fan-organised Facebook campaign to bring the "Time Team" crew together again to carry out a dig in memory of Aston.
  • In May 2017 Binoche and Cottin appeared together again, this time on the small screen in the final episode of the second season of "Dix Pour Cent" ("Call My Agent") where Juliette Binoche played herself in a tongue-in-cheek episode centering on the Cannes Film Festival.
  • The group was forbidden to perform together again and the members of Cartel were jailed.
  • In 1974, Dennis Main Wilson produced a short BBC sketch series for Feldman titled "Marty Back Together Again" — a reference to reports about the star's health — but it never captured the impact of the earlier series.
  • The King arranged for a pair of matching coffins with removable sides, so that when he followed her to the grave (23 years later), they could lie together again.
  • Kennedy contains a line "Dear John and all the King's men can't put your head together again", in reference to Humpty Dumpty.
  • The County of Nassau's holdings would be subdivided many times among heirs, with the parts being brought together again whenever a line died out.
  • After some reports of their breaking up and being together again, they split up in October 2009.
  • The two worked together again in 2009, for the three-chapter one-shot "Jiya" in "Weekly Young Jump".
  • Although Radle remained Clapton's bass player until the summer of 1979 (Radle died in May 1980 from the effects of alcohol and narcotics), it was not until 2003 that Clapton and Whitlock appeared together again; Clapton guested on Whitlock's appearance on the "Later with Jools Holland" show.
  • Hasselhoff and KITT later paired together again for an AT&T/DirecTV advertisement which also featured other film/television personalities such as Big Bird and the Oklahoma Sooners football team interspersed with the daily workings of a major city as someone walks around using the service's TV Everywhere initiative.
  • He and Novoselic decided against Novoselic joining; Grohl said it would have felt "really natural" for them to work together again, but would have been uncomfortable for the other band members and placed more pressure on Grohl.
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