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NOUN   a tory | tories
Tories [American Revolution]
Loyalisten {pl} [amerikanische Revolution]
Tories [Br.]
Schwarze {pl} [ugs.] [Anhänger oder Mitglieder von konservativen Parteien]
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  • A further background to Captain O'Ryan's career was the confiscation of Royalist-owned land after the Cromwellian conquest of Ireland in the Act of Settlement 1652, upon which when many similarly dispossessed Cavaliers also became outlaws, known as "tories" or "rapparees".
  • Allen wrote that he ”was put under the power of an English Merchant from London, whose name was Brook Watson: a man of malicious and cruel disposition, and who was probably excited, in the exercise of his malevolence, by a junto of tories, who sailed with him to England ...”.
  • Their contemporaries in Ireland became known as "tories".
  • After the war, many tories continued their activities, "a spasmodic and disconnected opposition to the new regime", in part as Catholic partisans, in part as ordinary criminals who "brought misery to friend and foe alike".
  • Some moss-troopers may have had a national-political as well as an economic motivation, believing in resisting the Cromwellian occupation of Scotland - much as their Irish contemporaries, the "tories", in part resisted English occupation.
  • The leaders of the Massachusetts royal administration took refuge there with their families, as did some prominent loyalists or "tories."
  • From 1677, he was captain of an independent company in Charles II's Irish army, active against tories in the district of Lough Erne. He eventually gained the rank of Lieutenant-General.
  • However it was soon adopted by the rival Whig movement, who were increasingly regarded as the "war party" opposed to the "peace party" of the Tories.
  • Hudak used the term "Purple Tory" in an effort to avoid a strong ideological stance, and to provide a conciliatory position between red tories and blue tories.
  • Lord's tories also won the majority of Acadian seats, something the PC Party in New Brunswick had struggled to do in the past.
  • In the end however the Tories did not follow up this suggestion and Arkwright himself was one of the signatories to Cavendish’s nomination papers.
  • Its recommendations were moderate, and Iddesleigh's chairmanship ensured that it did not stray from free-trade orthodoxy despite the growing calls for protection from many tories".
  • By the time of its implementation, the benefit was criticized by communists, who thought such insurance would prevent workers from starting a revolution, while employers and tories saw it as a "necessary evil".
  • The loyalists planned to seize the magazine at Redstone, but Brown mustered a guard of fifteen men, and a militia force of a hundred patriots under Gaddis and Captain Henry Enoch captured twelve tories and scattered the remainder.
  • In every election between 1950 and 1992, the Conservative party achieved a majority vote, albeit slim victories in a number of elections.
  • The social democratic Ontario New Democratic Party, led by Stephen Lewis with the slogan "Tomorrow starts today", doubled its representation in the legislature, and became the Official Opposition on the strength of a campaign which called for rent control in Ontario and highlighted horror stories of individuals and bad landlords who imposed exorbitant rent increases.
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