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Ubier {pl}
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Übersetzung für 'Ubii' von Englisch nach Deutsch

Ubier {pl}hist.
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  • Together with the Batavi, the Ubii furnished soldiers for the Germanic bodyguard, the personal bodyguard of the early Roman emperors.
  • Tile stamps of the VIIIth Legion show that the camp was built in 70 AD, when the legion arrived with Vespasian in Gaul to oppose the revolts of the Treveri and especially the Ubii and Lingones against Rome.
  • The Romans allowed Germanic tribes such as the Ubii, Triboci, Nemetes and Vangiones to settle in the deserted areas left of the Rhine.
  • In 38 BC, the Germanic tribe known as the Ubii, who inhabited the right bank of the Rhine, were resettled by the Roman General Marcus Vipsanius Agrippa in the lands in the Cologne Lowland vacated by the Eburones.
  • Tacitus describes the Tencteri as living in his time (approximately 98AD), and also at the time of the Batavian revolt (69/70 AD), between the Chatti and the Rhine, across from the Ubii who had been settled in Cologne.
  • In 69 AD, they provided a "cohort" during the Batavian Revolt, which was destroyed by the Ubii.
  • The area was settled first by the Celts, then after the turn of the Christian Era by Ubii and later by Mattiaci.
  • The first written account of the area was by its conqueror, Julius Caesar, the territories west of the Rhine were occupied by the Eburones and east of the Rhine he reported the Ubii (across from Cologne) and the Sugambri to their north.
  • Suetonius says that Augustus moved the Sicambri, presumably only a part of them, to the west bank of the Rhine, like the Ubii.
  • At this time, the plain of the Lower Rhine was the territory of the Ubii.
  • The Ubii, were in the north, the region of the Eburones, and became the people of the region of Cologne and Bonn during Roman imperial times.
  • The Caerosi dwelled in the Ardennes and Eifel region, between the Rhône and the Meuse river, near the Treverii in the south, the Condrusi in the west, the Paemani and Eburones in the north, and the Ubii on the opposite bank of the Rhône in the east.
  • Pannonia was invaded in late 166 or early 167 by a force of 6,000 Langobardi and Ubii.
  • Cologne was founded and established in Germanic Ubii territory in the 1st century CE as the Roman [...] , hence its name.
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