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Used People [Beeban Kidron]
Die Herbstzeitlosen
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Übersetzung für 'Used People' von Englisch nach Deutsch

Used People [Beeban Kidron]
Die HerbstzeitlosenfilmF
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  • Jonathan Potter, the director of the Clinical Effectiveness and Evaluation Unit of the Royal College of Physicians stated in 2009 that their audits showed that "where the Liverpool Care Pathway for the dying patient (LCP) is used, people are receiving high quality clinical care in the last hours and days of life".
  • He also used people as references in designing other characters.
  • They used people within the cultures who understood and spoke the different dialects in order to record the stories they wanted to share from the Bible.
  • Poblete is also used people's surname in Spain, Philippines, and the like countries.
  • Around 10:30am, when the wine runs out (in 2007 it was estimated that 20,000 liters of wine were used), people begin to retreat to the city to dry their soaked clothes and have lunch.
  • The club used People’s Park in Llanelli for practice. The playing kit was dark blue, with high-collared jerseys and tight trousers that reached well below the knee, and blue caps.
  • She possesses intelligence in illegal tactics that made her stronger and she used people in order to manipulate them when a bombing in the departure of Via and her family to start a new life began.
  • The system in Atlanta (known today as The Plane Train), is one of the world's most heavily used people mover systems in the world.
  • A new film Creature Discomforts created with Aardman Animations in 2020 used people’s experiences in lockdown to highlight the plight of wild animals in zoos, circuses and dolphinariums.
  • According to Kitchin, "different groups hold varying data imaginaries, concerning what data are generated and how, for what purpose," and how they "can serve particular agendas." People with differing opinions on how data "should" be used may share the same imaginary, which is concerned instead with how data "can" be used.
  • While in developed regions histology is commonly used, people who live in areas with limited resources can hardly access it and consequently are in need for a low-cost, more efficient way to access pathological diagnosis.
  • They should have used people with a personal or professional relationship with Monis (such as a Barrister) to try to persuade him to end the siege peacefully.
  • Medical personnel were kidnapped by Gaddafi's forces, and military forces used people as human shields.
  • In order for a machine to be successfully used, people need to be able to transfer some of their current skill set to operate it.
  • The primary prevention of bronchiolitis obliterans in people who have received either lung transplant or HSCT therapy is immunosuppression.
  • In addition to the Twelve Apostles there is a much larger group of people identified as disciples in the opening of the passage of the Sermon on the Plain.
  • The Ottoman Sultans used people referred to as "congenital deaf-mutes" (called in Turkish [...] or [...] , i.e. ...
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