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Visegrád Four <V4>
Visegrád-Gruppe {f}
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Übersetzung für 'V4' von Englisch nach Deutsch

Visegrád Four <V4>
Visegrád-Gruppe {f}EUpol.
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  • WAIK for Windows 7 includes User State Migration Tool v4.0, a command-line interface tool for transferring Windows user settings from one installation to another as part of an operating system upgrade or wipe-and-reload recovery, for example, to clean out a rootkit.
  • In November 2008, CooTek starts to release TouchPal for Android devices with its initial version (v4) mainly shipped for manufacturer.
  • Function Extension specifications and UHS Speed Class U1 were included in v4.10 while v4.2 contained UHS Speed Class U3 specification, supporting 4K video.
  • The last version released for OS/2 was "TSE Junior/2" v4.00e released on February, 1997.
  • LEED v4 daylighting standards are the most current as of 2014.
  • HPF Phase 1 applied Rosetta v4.2x software on the human genome and 89 others, starting in November 2004.
  • As part of the major upgrade to v4.0, ASP withdrew all its free tools while also formally requesting that all PAD editing, submission and related third party software, be removed or eliminated.
  • A location table for UAE v4.0 has been certified.
  • FSC certified wood products contribute to score up to 2 points in the LEED v4.1 credit 'Sourcing of Raw Materials'.
  • Two years in the making, the update from v4.5.7 to v4.6.0 saw almost as many new commits to the code base as there had been in the entire previous project.
  • The ranking system has also changed in v4. In v3, rank points were only awarded to submitters when a submission was "Accepted" by moderator votes.
  • The Bluetooth SIG announced formal adoption of the Bluetooth v4.1 specification on 4 December 2013.
  • Excel Dryer's products have been approved for LEED v4 credits and other green building standards.
  • As of March 2016, Ledcor is constructing LEED v4 projects in both Canada and the United States. The official launch of LEED v4 standards will take place in fall 2016.
  • E5-16xx v4 do not have QPI links. E5-26xx v4 and E5-46xx 4 processors have 2 QPI links.
  • ... if "s ∝ 1/v4"). Using the same apparatus again, they slowed the alpha particles by placing extra sheets of mica in front of the alpha particle source.
  • IEQ survey, as a part of POE, is involved in LEED certification scheme v4.
  • Specifically, "Clonk 1" to "3" Borland Turbo C++ code, "Clonk Planet" v4.65 and "Clonk Endeavour" v4.95.5 (engines only) VC6 code and "Clonk Rage" [...] s current development prototype were released under the Clonk Source Code License (ISC License).
  • The Connection v4.5 makes minimal changes to gameplay from the v4, short of adding new games; however, the way to obtain the Universal family is different.
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