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video on demand <VOD>
Video-on-Demand {n} <VoD>
video on demand <VOD>
Film {m} auf Abruf [selten]
video on demand <VOD>
Abrufvideo {n}
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Übersetzung für 'VOD' von Englisch nach Deutsch

video on demand <VOD>
Video-on-Demand {n} <VoD>Internettelecom.RadioTV

Film {m} auf Abruf [selten]RadioTV

Abrufvideo {n}comp.telecom.RadioTV
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  • It was originally a liturgical response in use in the Temple when the name of God was pronounced and took the form of "Baruch shem k’vod l’olam", "Blessed be his glorious name forever" (Psalm 72:19).
  • Other honorifics include "Admo"r", "K'vod K'dushas", "Shlit"a" and "Shy.
  • A voi(e)vod(e) (literally, "leader of warriors" or "war leader", equivalent to the Latin "Dux Exercituum") was originally a military commander who stood, in a state's structure, next to the ruler.
  • A VOD service was proposed as early as 1986 in Japan, where there were plans to develop an "Integrated Network System" service.
  • Hepatic VOD can occur in people who receive chemotherapy and HSCT.
  • The VOD service is available on Optimum, Xfinity, Vubiquity, Frontier FiOS and Armstrong. The VOD service was previously available on Charter Communications and Massilion.
  • The film was acquired by The Collective and Bloody Disgusting in August 2011 for a theatrical, VOD and DVD release.
  • "Deep Blue Sea 2" also released the same week on VOD.
  • When "Real" was released for Digital Cable TV VOD and IPTV subscription in South Korea, it topped the charts at its initial release.
  • com, the sister company of Le Vision, is the biggest Internet VOD platform in China.
  • His "Fishermen hauling nets" ("Krøyer fiskere trækker vod") was painted in 1883.
  • AMC Networks owned VOD channel Shudder released LFO on VOD on July 1, 2016.
  • Back at the house JP and Vod keep an extremely close eye on Tomothy.
  • The Road Act defines "obecné užívání pozemních komunikací" (common use of roads – some road can be excluded), The Water Act defines "obecné užívání povrchových vod" (common use of surface waters).
  • When a message is sent to an object VOD looks into internal structures to see if the object is already in client memory.
  • In 2014, Primate Planet Productions launched the series on Vimeo VOD. "Monkey Life" series 1–10 are available on VIMEO VOD in many countries around the world.
  • Marshad is currently an executive producer for Eurocinema vod, the Video-On-Demand television network available specializing in European box office films that is in 35 million United States homes.
  • The station was launched on 2 September 2009 together with the sister channel nFilm HD 2 with movie channels, VOD service nFilm VOD, and Internet radio station nFilm HD Radio with film music.
  • Voddler was a Stockholm, Sweden-based provider of a video-on-demand (VOD) platform and a streaming technology for over-the-top (OTT) streaming on the public Internet.
  • Traditional Cable Networks that have VOD Video On Demand are not considered a VODnet because VOD is not the main distribution method for the channel.
  • Because of bandwidth cost, only a subset of the TV services is offered to bundled subscribers; while unbundled subscribers can access value-added services such as VOD and Subscription VOD.
  • The Optus iTV system also allowed near video on demand (nvod) not true video on demand.
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