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venous occlusion plethysmography <VOP>
Venenverschlussplethysmografie {f} <VOP>
venous occlusion plethysmography <VOP>
Venenverschlussplethysmographie {f} <VOP>
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  • The Vop (...) is a river in Smolensk Oblast, Russia. It is a right tributary of the Dnieper. It is 158 km long, with a drainage basin of 3300 km². The average discharge is 22 m³/s.
  • The agreement of Czech Ministry of Defence and VOP-026 Šternberk about the future soldier program was signed in 2004.
  • Mary Boyoi is currently the executive director and founder of Voice of the Peace (VOP).
  • A VOP, or Vendor On Premises, is a vendor that sets up shop on the client's premises.
  • The family of Wayne Hooper has made his original compositions and arrangements of public domain music available on a web site repository at http://www.vop.com/hoopermusic.
  • Israeli radio station Radius 100 (on VoP's FM frequency) airs weekday tribute programs.
  • Although it was involved in military actions, particularly during the Resistance to the 1973 Chilean coup d'etat, the MIR rejected assassination as a tactic (see below on the assassination of Edmundo Pérez Zujovic by the VOP).
  • From 2004 to 2009, she served as a board member for Radio VOP.
  • Lucius Julius S. f. Vop. n. Iulus was a member of the ancient patrician gens Julia. As consular tribune in 403 BC, he carried on the war with Veii.
  • Following his days in offshore radio on Radio Caroline, VOP and Radio Seagull, Dave has also been included in The Pirate Radio Hall Of Fame.
  • On September 15 they resumed the attack, crossing the Vop River. In conjunction with the 5th and 68th Armies, they liberated Smolensk on September 25.
  • Kull is also Founder and President of Voice of the People (VOP), a nonpartisan organization that seeks to re-anchor the United States' democracy in its founding principles by giving ‘We the People’ a greater role in government.
  • Deputies are assigned to this unit to execute arrest warrants, such as Failure to Appear (FTA), Violation of Probation (VOP), Body Attachments and Paternity.
  • After EDSA Revolution in 1986, the NMPC and Bureau of Broadcasts (BB) were abolished, led to its stations (including VOP) were reassigned to the newly-reinstated PBS.
  • RK3326 and PX30 were announced in 2018, marketed for AI. PX30 is a variant of RK3326 targeting IoT market, supporting dual VOP. They use Arm's CPU Cortex-A35 and GPU G31.
  • Near to Giao Xuan is the Xuan Thuy National Park which can be visited by boat along the Vop River or by foot through mangrove forests.
  • Vopiscus is a Latin [...] , or personal name, which was occasionally used during the period of the Roman Republic, and later as a "cognomen", surviving into imperial times.
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