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RMS voltage [root mean square voltage] <Vrms, Vr.m.s., VRMS>
Effektivspannung {f} <Ueff>
root mean square voltage <Vrms., Vr.m.s.>
Effektivspannung {f} <Ueff>
root-mean-square voltage <Vrms., Vr.m.s.>
Effektivspannung {f} <Ueff>
volt root mean square <Vrms>
Effektivwert {m} (der) Spannung <Ueff>
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  • The DX4 OverDrive CPUs have VRMs built in.
  • For each program from "non-free" installed, vrms displays an explanation of why it is non-free if one is available.
  • Stallman (vrms), software that analyzes the packages currently installed on a Debian GNU/Linux system, and reports those that are from the non-free tree.
  • The VRMs are essential for overclocking. The quality of a VRM directly impacts the motherboard’s overclocking potential.
  • 83 VRMS, which is 1 watt into an 8 Ω (nominal) speaker impedance (approximately true for many speaker systems).
  • ... 228 VRMS).
  • Aerospace applications utilize 2,930 Hz to 10 kHz at voltages ranging from 4 VRMS to 10 VRMS.
  • Those custom-built blocks will usually have cooling for the CPU, VRMs, M.2 slot and chipset/southbridge.
  • Currently, for medical MR scanners, the industry standard is to measure volume root mean square (VRMS) values of the field for the different (mostly concentric) volumes in the middle of the scanner.
  • The NFPA standard 79 [...] defines "distribution" protected extra-low voltage (PELV) as nominal voltage of 30 Vrms or 60 V dc ripple-free for dry locations, and 6 Vrms or 15 V dc in all other cases.
  • The sensitivity of a loudspeaker is usually expressed as dB / 2.83 VRMS at 1 metre. [...] This is not the same as the electrical efficiency; see Efficiency vs sensitivity.
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