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vortex ring state <VRS>
Wirbelrings­tadium {n}
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Übersetzung für 'VRS' von Englisch nach Deutsch

vortex ring state <VRS>
Wirbelrings­tadium {n}aviat.
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  • The engine weighed 402 lbs for 85 hp vrs 182 lbs for an equivalent Continental aircraft engine.
  • The battalion outflanked the VRS force blocking the HV 114th Infantry Brigade composite company and attacked the VRS defences from their rear.
  • Results of evaluation pointed to the VRS an "excellent learning tool" for increasing a student's knowledge on the procedure.
  • In addition to regulating the funding of VRS, the FCC regulates the standards that VRS companies and their employees must follow in handling calls.
  • The DC resistance of the Lead II X-1 single coil pickup is approximately 7.5 kΩ (9600 coil winds) vrs (7600 coil winds) on a Stratocaster.
  • Allan played in the longest game in NHL history. Montreal Maroons vrs. Detroit Red Wings, March 1936.
  • With the facelift a sports VRS version returned to the range, now available as both hatchback and estate.
  • Pandey earlier applied for VRS (Voluntary Retirement Scheme) before the 2014 Lok Sabha election but he was not given a ticket from Buxar constituency, later he withdrew his VRS application.
  • The ARBiH-controlled central plateau of Igman came under increased VRS pressure when the suspicion became stronger that the area had become a major logistical artery of the besieged city.
  • A major VRS offensive started on July 1993 that led to the fall of Trnovo, and on 4 August 1993, Serb forces captured the Bjelašnica summit and part of the Igman supply road.
  • Within a month of recognition, the siege of Sarajevo began, by which time the Bosnian Serb Army of Republika Srpska (VRS) controlled 70% of Bosnia and Herzegovina.
  • The Victoria City Rowing Club is one of four member user groups that comprise the Victoria Rowing Society (VRS) that use the Elk Lake facility.
  • On 12 April 1993, the Army of Republika Srpska (VRS) launched an artillery attack against the town of Srebrenica, in eastern Bosnia, which left 56 dead and 73 seriously wounded, among whom were 14 children dead in a school playground.
  • The ARBiH significantly shortened its positions held opposite the VRS and captured [...] of territory, By 3 November, 4 HVO troops were killed and 15 wounded, and further 3 soldiers died and 5 were wounded in a VRS counter-attack near Zlosela at 11 am on 4 November.
  • When introduced, a typical consist for the Sydney Express would be Locomotive-MHN-VFS-VFK-VRS-VFX-VBK-NAM-LAN-NAM-LAN-RMS-BCS-DAM-LAN-NAM-PHN-MBY; in holidays this would change to and all-sleeper consist, with a separately scheduled relief train with Locomotive-MHN or VHN, VFR-VFKx3-VRS-VFX-VBKx2-PHN.
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