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NOUN   a Voronoi cell | Voronoi cells
Voronoi cell
Voronoi-Zelle {f}
Voronoi cell
Voronoi-Region {f}
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Übersetzung für 'Voronoi cell' von Englisch nach Deutsch

Voronoi cell
Voronoi-Zelle {f}math.

Voronoi-Region {f}comp.engin.math.
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  • and random sampling reduction, while the latter includes lattice sieving, computing the Voronoi cell of the lattice, and discrete Gaussian sampling.
  • In geometry, a centroidal Voronoi tessellation (CVT) is a special type of Voronoi tessellation in which the generating point of each Voronoi cell is also its centroid (center of mass).
  • This is a type of Voronoi cell. The Wigner–Seitz cell of the reciprocal lattice in momentum space is called the Brillouin zone.
  • Its Voronoi cell is a rhombic dodecahedron, the dual of the cuboctahedron vertex figure for the tet-oct honeycomb.
  • In the special case that the long sides of the trapezoids equals twice the length of the short sides, the solid now represents the 3D Voronoi cell of a sphere in a hexagonal close packing, next to face-centered cubic an optimal way to stack spheres in a lattice.
  • Equivalently, this is the Voronoi cell around the origin of the reciprocal lattice.
  • The triakis truncated tetrahedron is the shape of the Voronoi cell of the carbon atoms in diamond, which lie on the diamond cubic crystal structure.
  • is the union of six A5 lattices, and is the dual vertex arrangement to the "omnitruncated 5-simplex honeycomb", and therefore the Voronoi cell of this lattice is an omnitruncated 5-simplex.
  • The "Voronoi cell" for each defining point is a convex polygon.
  • The rectified 122 polytope (also called 0221) can tessellate 6-dimensional space as the Voronoi cell of the E6* honeycomb lattice (dual of E6 lattice).
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