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NOUN   a Voronoi cell | Voronoi cells
Voronoi cellsVoronoi-Regionen {pl}
Voronoi cells
Voronoi-Zellen {pl}
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Übersetzung für 'Voronoi cells' von Englisch nach Deutsch

Voronoi cells
Voronoi-Regionen {pl}

Voronoi-Zellen {pl}math.
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  • Weighted sites may be used to control the areas of the Voronoi cells when using Voronoi diagrams to construct treemaps.
  • Didactic applet showing the construction of Voronoi diagrams: Is it possible to reconstruct the centers of the Voronoi cells from the region boundaries?
  • The geometric measurements using Voronoi cells and Geodesic distances at the high-resolution 3D-model show an unbalance and a slight tilting of the head indicating that it was part of an equestrian statue.
  • A subset of stereohedra are called plesiohedrons, defined as the Voronoi cells of a symmetric Delone set.
  • The Voronoi cells of points uniformly spaced on a helix fill space, are all congruent to each other, and can be made to have arbitrarily large numbers of faces.
  • The infinite Laves graph has convex heptadecahedral Voronoi cells.
  • The Voronoi cells of symmetric Delone sets form space-filling polyhedra called plesiohedra.
  • One general construction of fundamental domains uses Voronoi cells.
  • The Leech lattice is a good solution to this problem, as the Voronoi cells have a low second moment.
  • The method is based on the partitioning of space into non-overlapping atomic areas modelled as Voronoi cells and then computing the deformation density within those cells (i.e. ...
  • The Voronoi cells of the D4 root lattice are regular 24-cells.
  • The kissing number of the D [...] lattice is 8 and its Voronoi tessellation is a bitruncated cubic honeycomb, [...] , containing all truncated octahedral Voronoi cells, [...].
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