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NOUN   a Voronoi diagram | Voronoi diagrams
Voronoi diagram
Voronoi-Diagramm {n}
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Übersetzung für 'Voronoi diagram' von Englisch nach Deutsch

Voronoi diagram
Voronoi-Diagramm {n}math.
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  • The large scale path of the vehicle can be determined by using a voronoi diagram, an occupancy grid mapping, or with a driving corridors algorithm.
  • It is the Voronoi diagram of the face-centered cubic sphere-packing, which has the densest possible packing of equal spheres in ordinary space (see Kepler conjecture).
  • His best known work (1911) dealt with the description of weather prediction with a geometric method for dividing land areas, that although known from Dirichlet Tessellation (1850) and the Voronoi Diagram (1908), apparently had never been used in meteorology for interpolation of measurements.
  • One can make a polyhedral Voronoi diagram mesh by dualizing a Delaunay triangulation simplicial mesh.
  • For a given set of points in space, a Voronoi diagram is a decomposition of space into cells, one for each given point, so that anywhere in space, the closest given point is inside the cell.
  • Because Voronoi diagram construction algorithms can be highly non-trivial, especially for inputs of dimension higher than two, the steps of calculating this diagram and finding the exact centroids of its cells may be replaced by an approximation.
  • In computational geometry, the duality between Voronoi diagrams and Delaunay triangulations implies that any algorithm for constructing a Voronoi diagram can be immediately converted into an algorithm for the Delaunay triangulation, and vice versa.
  • The Voronoi diagram of a regular triangular lattice is the honeycomb tessellation of hexagons.
  • When there are multiple facilities, each edge would be assigned to the nearest facility, producing a result analogous to a Voronoi diagram.
  • The original motivation for studying zonohedra is that the Voronoi diagram of any lattice forms a convex uniform honeycomb in which the cells are zonohedra.
  • ... g. Voronoi Diagram).
  • The Voronoi diagram of any lattice forms a convex uniform honeycomb in which the cells are zonohedra.
  • The Voronoi diagram is simply the tuple of cells [...].
  • Georgy Feodosevich Voronoy ([...]; [...]; 28 April 1868 – 20 November 1908) was an Imperial Russian mathematician of Ukrainian descent noted for defining the Voronoi diagram.
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