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Weichselian {adj}
Weichselian glacial
Weichsel-Glazial {n}
Weichselian glacial (period)
Weichseleiszeit {f}
Weichselian glacial (period)
Weichsel-Eiszeit {f}
Weichselian glacial (period)
Weichsel-Kaltzeit {f}
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  • The landscape is hilly and consists mainly of Weichselian ground moraines and inland sand . Großsolt is one of the landscape fishing .
  • In the Weser depression Weichselian gravel deposits are found and used in gravel pits.
  • Quina Mousterian lithic assemblages in Southern France mostly date to the Early Weichselian (70,000-60,000BP), while Quina Mousterian lithic assemblages in Belgium mostly date to the first half of the Middle Weichselian (60,000-45,000).
  • The Last Glacial Maximum was reached during the later millennia of the Würm/Weichselian, estimated between 26 ka and 19 ka when deglaciation began in the Northern Hemisphere.
  • Ice thickness and more exact time of eruption in the case of Keilir are not known, just that it took place during the Pleistocene (Weichselian).
  • The mountain is a hyaloclastite ridge formed during the Weichselian glaciation during the Pleistocene era. Its typical form shows well as there is not much vegetation on its slopes.
  • Little is known about the Baltic Sea during the oscillations of the Weichselian ice age, the last glaciation.
  • During the last deglaciation of the Weichselian Ice Sheet the South Swedish highlands was a place of ice flow divergence.
  • The lakeland was formed during the Weichselian glaciation about 12,000 years agon in the glacial meltwater valleys and sandar of the Pomeranian stage.
  • The shape of the heavily segmented coastline of Rügen was the result of interplay between variations in the mean sea level and rebound processes following the last ice age, the Weichselian glaciation.
  • The most recent glaciation of the Pleistocene epoch, which ended around 10,000 BC, is called the Vistulian glaciation or Weichselian glaciation in regard to north-central Europe.
  • The sand-rich landscape of the Osenberge was formed by the glaciers of the last ice age (Weichselian glaciation) through glacial bursts and outwash.
  • The Harburg Hills are end moraines that were formed in the Saalian glaciation and Weichselian Ice Age. They are a popular recreation area.
  • The short "Weichselian Late Glacial" (12,500 – c. 10,000 BC) was the period of slow warming after the Weichselian High Glacial. It was however again interrupted by some colder episodes.
  • Vífilsfell (...) is a hyaloclastite ridge in southwestern Iceland (Weichselian).
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