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Z-foot [also: z-foot] [Metatarsus adductus] [serpentine foot]
Z-Fuß {m} [Serpentinenfuß]
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  • Chronicled by J. Fisher/Fort Clayton C.Z. on his six-foot panorama photo of the first assembly of the full regiment photographed November 1920.
  • An older variant of the text replaces "Stark und frey in Not und G'fahre" in the first stanza with "Die, wo z'Fuess und z'Sattel fahre" ("Those on foot and those in the saddle").
  • The Z-Putties were the first group of Power Ranger exclusive foot soldiers.
  • In 1984 the station entered an agreement with the University of Missouri to move its transmitter from Paquin Tower to a 200 foot tower on land owned by the University on Route Z, several miles north of downtown Columbia.
  • He also keeps a 166-foot Oceanco Yacht, the "Lazy Z".
  • The battalion follows the tradition of the 1. Foot Guard Regiment (1. Garde-Rgt. z.F.).
  • It is about 2 minutes by foot from Exit A4 of Shin-Ochanomizu Station on the Tokyo Metro Chiyoda Line.
  • “The gold canyon lies at the foot of those peaks,” the guide said.
  • The introduction of the EM class "Ganz-Mavag" electric multiple units to the Wellington suburban system meant eleven 56-foot carriages became available, and the cancellation of the unnamed daylight successor to the New Plymouth Night Express that ran between New Plymouth and Taumarunui freed more.
  • The Zeddie is 12 foot 6 inches long and about 5 foot in the beam.
  • The Graf Gerhard IV (1276–1308) founded in 1289 a collegiate at the foot of the castle hill.
  • He wrote two popular books based on his experiences in Navajo country, "To the Foot of the Rainbow" (1927) and "Beyond the Rainbow" (1933).
  • Some have a centrifugal clutch and a standard three-speed manual foot-shift lever, making it a semi-automatic transmission, while others have a conventional manual clutch and a three- or four-speed gearbox.
  • high, made of solid granite, and set in woodland and farmland in Oyne at the foot of Bennachie.
  • The R143s are the first 60-foot (18.29 m) B Division cars built for the New York City Subway system since the R42 from 1969, the first NTT model for the B Division, and the first automated fleet in the subway system.
  • This also relieves pain, and all patients have a useful and stable foot.
  • A small amount of 2-foot (Nn2) industrial narrow-gauge modelling in N scale using custom track is done, but suppliers of parts are few.
  • In 2008 researchers from the University of Dayton reported a gecko glue capable of supporting 100N/cm2, ten times the strength generated by a gecko's foot.
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