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Z-shaped {adj}z-förmig [auch: Z-förmig]
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Übersetzung für 'Z-shaped' von Englisch nach Deutsch

Z-shaped {adj}
z-förmig [auch: Z-förmig]
Anwendungsbeispiele Englisch
  • The four most common techniques are Z-shaped, en bloc, open door, and double door laminoplasty.
  • The Z shape is also available as part of the Baby Series as a scaled down version. There is also a Z shaped bass guitar made by Dean.
  • The Z-shaped conductor (actually the golden Z-shaped strip painted on the Si surface) is placed into the uniform magnetic field (the field's source is not shown in the figure).
  • The middle line of the Z-shaped incision (the central element) is made along the line of the greatest tension or contraction, and triangular flaps are raised on opposite sides of the two ends and then transposed.
  • The curved roof planes are suspended from German "full-lock" steel cables and include three outer layers of interlocking Z-shaped wires designed to minimize water infiltration and corrosion.
  • The facial canal ("canalis nervi facialis"), also known as the Fallopian canal, is a Z-shaped canal running through the temporal bone of the skull.
  • Binoculars of this type use a pair of Porro prisms in a Z-shaped configuration to erect the image.
  • Tropical Storm Lorraine took an erratic, Z-shaped path during its life. It formed on August 23 and dissipated August 28.
  • The railway, originally constructed for logging, has become a tourist attraction with its unique Z-shaped switchbacks, and over 50 tunnels and 77 wooden bridges.
  • Connecting the "z"-values in their numerical order produces the recursively Z-shaped curve.
  • The most common type of pantograph today is the so-called half-pantograph (sometimes 'Z'-shaped), which evolved to provide a more compact and responsive single-arm design at high speeds as trains got faster.
  • The J, L, S and Z-shaped "tetrominoes" of the popular video game Tetris also exhibit chirality, but only in a two-dimensional space. Individually they contain no mirror symmetry in the plane.
  • If done correctly, the path of the ball will be Z shaped.
  • Frankfurt U2 cars use Scheren (diamond) or single-arm (z-shaped) pantographs, while Calgary, Edmonton and San Diego vehicles use the latter style pantograph exclusively.
  • The structure used a combination of 'Z'-shaped stringers and 'I'-shaped girders to form triangular sections that ran along the chines located at the point where the fuselage sides met with the planing underside.
  • The KTM Class 82 three-car formation consists of two motor cabs at either end of the set and a single trailer car in between, the trailer car in between is equipped with a double-arm Z shaped pantograph for [...] electric pick up.
  • Additional structures (Title III) built during the Korean War were 65 two bedroom and 35 three bedroom single family units in the western corner along the Z shaped Dahlgren Drive to which three other drives connected, Jones, Dewey, and Perry; all named for U.S.
  • The stylised version of the Z-shaped [...] developed into a popular medieval symbol in Germany that was associated with magical powers, and was believed to have the ability to ward off wolves.
  • The guide paused and pointed to two mountains that were shaped like sugar loaves.
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