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NOUN   a Zadokite | Zadokites
Zadokite {adj}
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Übersetzung für 'Zadokite' von Englisch nach Deutsch

Zadokite {adj}
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  • Collins argues further that there is no evidence in the Community Rule or the Damascus Document to support the view that the Qumran community was concerned with the legitimacy of a non-Zadokite High Priest.
  • It also may have been inserted to give validity to the superiority of the Zadokite priests over the Levite priests.
  • Most scholars claim they seceded from the Zadokite priests.
  • ... "Ḥōniyyō") was the son of Onias III and the heir of the Zadokite line of High Priests of Israel.
  • Schiffman, who proposes that the community was led by a group of Zadokite priests (Sadducees).
  • Although there was no high priest in Jerusalem by this name, some scholars note that it was not uncommon for some members of the Zadokite clan (Sons of Zadok) to take on an unofficial high-priestly role, which may explain this moniker.
  • Set in the late 1960s and 1970s, the story describes the efforts of Episcopal bishop Timothy Archer, who must cope with the theological and philosophical implications of the newly discovered Gnostic Zadokite scroll fragments.
  • Priests in the Hebrew Bible of Zadokite lineage include Ezra and his relative Joshua the High Priest.
  • One account by Josephus suggests that its office holders are an offshoot of the Zadokite high priests of Jerusalem from around the time of Alexander the Great.
  • There is no indication in the Tanakh that Jehoiarib was High Priest, his name doesn't appear in the list of the Zadokite dynasty ([...] , 6:4-15 in other translations).
  • Jehoiada's name does not appear in the list of the Zadokite dynasty in [...] (6:4-15 in other translations).
  • The fragments found in Cairo in 1897 were originally called the Zadokite Fragments The Admonition comprises moral instruction, exhortation, and warning addressed to members of the sect, together with polemic against its opponents; it serves as a kind of introduction to the second section.
  • Nor is a high priest named Jehoshaphat mentioned in the list of the Zadokite dynasty in [...] (6:4-15 in some translations) or elsewhere in the Tanakh.
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