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Zaisan mole vole [Ellobius tancrei]
Zaisan-Mull-Lemming {m}
eastern mole vole [Ellobius tancrei]
Zaisan-Mull-Lemming {m}
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Übersetzung für 'Zaisan' von Deutsch nach Englisch

Zaisan-Mull-Lemming {m}
Zaisan mole vole [Ellobius tancrei]zool.T

eastern mole vole [Ellobius tancrei]zool.T
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  • The relief of the territory of the district is mainly hilly, in the north - mountainous (Kalbinsky ridge), in the south - the northern part basins of Lake Zaisan.
  • One Banner with 4(+1) sums were designated for them and noble Maamad (Mamuud) zaisan became the chieftain but Mamuud killed by Zungharian king Amarsanaa later and the Zakhchins revolted together with Amursana against the Qing.
  • Zaisan is a popular meeting point for school outings and graduation festivities.
  • It is also known to have an additional species from the Zaisan depression of Kazakhstan called "S.
  • The Zaisan Memorial, dedicated to Soviet and Mongolian soldiers killed in World War II, sits on a hill south of the city.
  • Ochirtu Khan (died 1676 or 1677) was a nephew of Güshi Khan and a leader of the Khoshut tribe of the Lake Zaisan area.
  • The Zaisan Memorial, a monument south of Ulaanbaatar dedicated to Russian–Mongolian friendship, includes a mural which depicts amongst its scenes Gürragchaa's 1981 flight.
  • founded by Shi Zaisan (...) in 1633 and would later become Qingyun Temple in 1636.
  • Today, the Zaisan Memorial in the southern area of the Mongolian capital of Ulaanbaatar honors the Soviet soldiers killed in World War II.
  • The Zaisan Memorial, featuring a surviving T-34 tank, was erected in 2003 to commemorate the role of the brigade.
  • It lies in the southern part of the city in the Khoroo 11 district on the southern side of the Tuul River, just to the northwest of the Zaisan Memorial and the American School of Ulan Bator.
  • rugustus" has also been found in the Manrak Formation (also called Manrakskaya Svita) of the Zaisan Basin in the East Kazakhstan Region.
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