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Sambesi {m}
Zambesi honeyguide [Prodotiscus zambesiae]
Zwerghoniganzeiger {m}
Zambesi honeyguide [Prodotiscus zambesiae]
Graubauch-Laubpicker {m}
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  • After a journey of hardships they were forced to remain on the Zambesi River, Santos staying at Tete for eight months.
  • The Zambesi Mission was a Catholic prefecture division in Rhodesia.
  • The bridge was originally referred to as the Great Zambesi or Zambezi Bridge, later becoming known as the Victoria Falls Bridge.
  • Williams sent an exploratory team which set out for the Congo-Zambesi watershed on 5 April 1899.
  • Intrigued, Shiera went to Zambesi to try to discover the secret of the amulets.
  • Intrigued, Shiera goes to Zambesi to try to discover the secret of the amulets.
  • It occurs only in suitable habitat around Tete in the Zambesi River Valley.
  • In boxing Norgrove competed at light-middleweight level, and entered the sport at a relatively late age. He was known as the "Zambesi Hitman".
  • The village of Shupanga was founded before the arrival of Europeans. It was visited by the Second Zambesi expedition of David Livingstone. The wife of Livingstone, Mary, died in Shupanga of malaria.
  • "Xyroptila zambesi" is a moth of the family Pterophoridae which is endemic to Zimbabwe.
  • The Zambezi (sometimes spelled Zambesi) is the fourth largest river in Africa, and the largest to flow into the Indian Ocean.
  • The Bullet was originally developed by the Rhodesian private firm Zambesi Coachworks Ltd of Salisbury (now Harare) to meet a requirement put by the Rhodesian Army for a low-cost mine-protected IFV mounted on a Unimog chassis capable of carrying 10 men.
  • Günther A (1864). "Report on a Collection of Reptiles and Fishes made by Dr. Kirk in the Zambesi and Nyassa Regions". "Proc. Zool. Soc. London" 1864: 303–314. ("Mochlus", new genus, p. 308).
  • Examples include on the Zambesi River in Africa, on the St Lawrence River in Montreal, Canada, and on the Eisbach river in Munich, Germany.
  • Elisabeth Findlay [...] is a New Zealand fashion designer. She co-founded the fashion house Zambesi with her husband, Neville Findlay, in 1979.
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