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NOUN   an abampere | abamperes
SYNO abamp | abampere
abampere <abA, aA, abamp>
Abampere {n} <abA, aA>
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Übersetzung für 'abampere' von Englisch nach Deutsch

abampere <abA, aA, abamp>
Abampere {n} <abA, aA>electr.unit
Anwendungsbeispiele Englisch
  • When a current of one abampere (1 abA) flows through a resistance of 1 abohm, the resulting potential difference across the component is one abvolt (1 abV).
  • The abampere (abA), also called the biot (Bi) after Jean-Baptiste Biot, is the derived electromagnetic unit of electric current in the emu-cgs system of units (electromagnetic cgs).
  • The definition of the abcoulomb follows from that of the abampere: given two parallel currents of one abampere separated by one centimetre, the force per distance of wire is 2 dyn/cm.
  • In the cgs-emu system, the unit of electric current is the abampere.
  • A potential difference of 1 abV will drive a current of one abampere through a resistance of one abohm.
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