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to abandon a babyein Baby aussetzen
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Übersetzung für 'abandon a baby' von Englisch nach Deutsch

to abandon a baby
ein Baby aussetzen
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  • Not all countries have safe-haven laws such as in the US which decriminalize leaving a child with an authority, and so it can be legally risky for a mother to abandon her baby in a baby hatch.
  • As a baby, he inadvertently used his powers to mutilate his father, causing his mother to kill her husband in panic and abandon her son in a well.
  • She hid aside a place in Antwerp where mothers could abandon their newborn babies.
  • When Ethan refuses to abandon the others, Rick knocks him unconscious with a fire extinguisher.
  • Then, they abandon their bodies near a river bank and run away.
  • Premature death may occur when a nest falls from the tree, in which case the mother may abandon her young if their body temperature is not correct.
  • Hari's parents abandon him. Girija and Hari move to a new city to start a new life.
  • First, they try to abandon the baby but then they take care of the baby and name her Thayamma.
  • In Chennai he saves a baby girl abandoned on railway tracks.
  • In 2010, the hospital established Angel's Cradle, the first modern Baby hatch in Canada where mothers could anonymously provide their newborns to the hospital rather than abandon them elsewhere.
  • She encounters Allworthy and her stalwart servant Hibble once more, when Allworthy kidnaps Moll and takes her aboard a ship bound for Virginia Colony, forcing her to abandon her daughter in London.
  • However, he was forced to abandon resus when he was unable to handle the scissors for an operation.
  • Young males are forced to abandon their troop when they are about 6–8 years of age.
  • Though they enjoy it at first, Sal leaves the baby shower leaving Sammy behind and the two couples believe that Sal abandoned her son.
  • He now live in Alex when his wife and children abandon him and leave him broke.
  • Maruthakasi was originally signed on as the film's lyricist and wrote three songs but differences arose between Rajah and Maruthakasi during the making of another Sridhar film "Vidivelli" (1960) and Maruthakasi swore not to work with Rajah again, and forced him to abandon the songs already written for "Thennilavu".
  • One was to shout "Gairim agus coisricim thú" " (I bless you) or "God bless you," which would cause the fairy to abandon the child it was trying to steal.
  • When the bailiff returns with others to arrest Eyvind, he and Halla abandon the farm for the bare, cold highlands where they live for many happy years.
  • Bradley wants Chris to abandon his bohemian lifestyle and do what was agreed upon when he separated from the military; return to the family business, but Chris refuses.
  • She abandons him in his car at an isolated location.
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