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to abandon a claimeinen Anspruch aufgeben
to abandon a claimeinen Anspruch fallen lassen
to abandon a claim
eine Klage zurücknehmen
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  • Competition between Spain and the United Kingdom over control of Nootka Sound led to a bitter international dispute around 1790, which was settled when Spain agreed to abandon its claim of exclusivity to the North Pacific coast, and to pay damages for British ships seized during the dispute.
  • In the keynote address to the December 2005 Biennial convention, JTS philosophy professor Neil Gillman urged Conservative Judaism to "abandon its claim that we are a halakhic movement", which he called "irrelevant to the vast majority of our laypeople".
  • The British government refused to accept Portuguese claims not based on effective occupation, including a Portuguese offer in 1889 to abandon their claim to a transcontinental link in exchange for British recognition of its other claims.
  • A person who was the initial aggressor cannot claim self-defense as a justification unless they abandon the combat or the other party has responded with excessive force.
  • The Container Corporation of America originally applied for a trademark on the design, but the application was challenged, and the corporation decided to abandon the claim.
  • Second, Hick’s claim could only be sustained if all religions were re-interpreted, thus requiring that all religions conform to his demand that they abandon ultimate ontological convictions.
  • Warbucks is finally forced to abandon his stance and ask Roosevelt for help when he needs to rapidly disprove the claim of "Ralph and Shirley Mudge" to be Annie's parents, which Roosevelt gives without reservation.
  • Owain first attacked the island of Guernsey, and was still there when a message arrived from Charles ordering him to abandon the expedition in order to go to Castile to seek ships to attack La Rochelle.
  • He believed that to claim their rightful place as American citizens, Native Americans needed to renounce their tribal way of life, convert to Christianity, abandon their reservations, and seek education and employment among the "best classes" of Americans.
  • com decided to abandon paid subscriptions and moved to a purely ad-supported free play model.
  • They had poor results in the top dirt as there was no washed gravel, and they were about to abandon their claim when they made the great discovery.
  • Although the Orléans had reigned under the tricolor without objection, this time the Orléans princes did not abandon the cause of the head of their dynasty by seeking to offer themselves as alternative candidates; by the time Chambord died and the Orléans felt free to re-assert their claim to the throne, the political moment had passed, and France had become resolutely republican.
  • By the 18th century the spreading influence of the Enlightenment led European nations to abandon officially state-sanctioned interrogation by torture.
  • Heavy snowfall forced him to abandon the siege and return to Syria.
  • Under the Jay-Grenville Treaty of 1794 the United Kingdom agreed to US demands that it abandon Mackinac and five other forts in US territory on the Great Lakes by June 1796.
  • The grateful citizens then abandon their ancestral paganism and convert to Christianity.
  • During his brief term, Schleicher negotiated with Gregor Strasser on a possible defection of the latter from the Nazi Party, but the plan was abandoned.
  • He finds that his golddigging mistresses abandon him; in contrast, his loyal wife comforts him.
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