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to act in place ofvertreten
to act in place of sb.jdn. vertreten
to act in place of sb.für jdn. handeln
to act in place of sb.an jds. Stelle handeln
to act in place of another personanstelle einer anderen Person handeln
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  • The chosen governors of these provinces were empowered to act in place of the monarch (hence "ex-" "outside", "arch" "ruler") with more discretion and autonomy than was granted other categories of governor.
  • They also act in place of the governor-general if one has not been appointed or if the appointee is unable to perform their duties.
  • however, some colleges accept the ACT in place of the SAT subject tests and some accept the optional ACT Writing section in place of an SAT Subject Test.
  • In government, a vice president is a person whose primary responsibility is to act in place of the president on the event of the president's death, resignation or incapacity.
  • As he was unfit for the military service, he could act in place of his drafted professor Rothacker in 1940 in Bonn.
  • While serving as secretary and executive officer of the Board of Agriculture and Forestry in 1904, he was appointed to act in place of president Lorrin A.
  • Schools also varied with regard to their SAT Subject Test requirements of students submitting scores for the ACT in place of the SAT: some schools considered the ACT an alternative to both the SAT and some SAT Subject Tests, whereas others accepted the ACT but required SAT Subject Tests as well.
  • The Union government is contemplating bringing a new act in place of the River Boards Act, 1956 which is presently purely an advisory body of the union government.
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