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actin polymerisation [Br.]
Aktinpolymerisation {f}
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Übersetzung für 'actin polymerisation' von Englisch nach Deutsch

actin polymerisation [Br.]
Aktinpolymerisation {f}biochem.
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  • Such toxins include EspT, Map, and SopE, which mimic RhoGEF and activate endogenous Rho GTPases to manipulate actin polymerisation in the infected cell.
  • This, together with actin-polymerisation there, helps extend the lamella forward and thus advance the cell's front.
  • She investigated the regulation of actin polymerisation and how cell movement determines polarity and adhesion.
  • Mechanical damage to the ovaries through fragmentation have been found to induce a transient elevation in actin polymerisation - a process where small actin molecules (proteins) combine to form a large, chain-like structure with repeating actin units.
  • It is found in WASP proteins which control actin polymerisation, therefore, WH2 is important in cellular processes such as cell contractility, cell motility, cell trafficking and cell signalling.
  • Some of the potential binding partners (Zyxin, mENA) can be found in focal adhesion complexes; the range of binding partners indicates a potential role for TES in-between 'privileged' Actin polymerisation and focal adhesion contacts to the extracellular matrix.
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