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NOUN   an actinolite | actinolites
actinolite [Ca2(Mg,Fe)5Si8O22(OH)2]
Aktinolith {m} [ein Klinoamphibol]
actinolite [Ca2(Mg,Fe++)5Si8O22(OH)2]
Strahlstein {m}
ferro-actinolite [Ca2(Fe)5Si8O22(OH)2]
Ferro-Aktinolith {m}
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  • Greenschist may also contain albite and often has a lepidoblastic, nematoblastic or schistose texture defined primarily by chlorite and actinolite.
  • Usually it coexists with hornblende or actinolite, magnesium clinochlore chlorite, talc, serpentine-antigorite minerals or metamorphic pyroxene.
  • Chlorite is one of the most common minerals produced by propylitic alteration by hydrothermal systems, where it occurs in the "green rock" environment with epidote, actinolite, albite, hematite, and calcite.
  • There is a solid solution series between hornblende and the closely related amphibole minerals, tremolite-actinolite, at elevated temperature.
  • In this region of Otago there is a Jurassic through to Cretaceous metamorphosed belt known as the Otago Schist that formed as part of the Zealandia continent In the north of the Oligocene through to Miocene aged volcanic group the basement rocks are pumpellyite to actinolite greyschist, then lower greenshist before the upper greenschist belt from Wanaka doen to Dunedin.
  • 5% magnetite, 5% amphibole (chiefly tremolite and actinolite) and 1.5% carbonate.
  • While he had his specific interest in the "actinolite" he tried to create it and this creation made him start the various creation of artificial gemstones.
  • Ferro-actinolite is the ferrous iron-rich endmember of the actinolite-tremolite continuous solid solution series of the double chain calcareous amphibole group of inosilicate minerals.
  • Porphyroblasts of the parent rocks appear only ghost-like as they have been replaced by a fibrous mesh of tremolite-actinolite, Mg-chlorite, serpentine minerals and talc (bastitization).
  • The waste rock at the footwall of the ore is syenite porphyry. At places this syenite porphyry has nodules variously filled with actinolite, apatite, titanite and magnetite.
  • When Actinolite was first founded in 1853, it was called Troy.
  • The GBMZ hosts polymetallic and iron-oxide-rich deposits many of which include magnetite–apatite–actinolite veins, making the GBMZ attractive for IOCG exploration.
  • Asbestos-containing minerals known to form mountain leather include: actinolite, sepiolite, and tremolite.
  • has altered to actinolite and saussurite (albite + epidote).
  • Actinolite is an intermediate member in a solid-solution series between magnesium-rich tremolite, [...] , and iron-rich ferro-actinolite, [...].
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