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ADJ   actinomorphic | - | -
SYNO actinomorphic | actinomorphous
actinomorphic {adj}
actinomorphic {adj}
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Übersetzung für 'actinomorphic' von Englisch nach Deutsch

actinomorphic {adj}

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  • The species in "Forstera" are generally erect or decumbent perennials with small imbricate leaves and pedicellate, actinomorphic flowers.
  • The obvious feature that distinguishes Oleaceae and its sister family, Carlemanniaceae, from all others, is the fact that while the flowers are actinomorphic, the number of stamens is reduced to two.
  • The flowers are hermaphroditic actinomorphic, grouped in racemes, and yellowish colored.
  • The evolution of Ochnaceae has been unusual in that it has included two complete reversions to an actinomorphic floral symmetry and two nearly complete reversions to apocarpy, a condition in which the carpels are entirely separate.
  • The flowers are small, actinomorphic and white, with four to five petals.
  • "Geranium" flowers have five very similar petals, and are thus radially symmetrical (actinomorphic), whereas "Pelargonium" (and also "Erodium") flowers have two upper petals which are different from the three lower petals, so the flowers have a single plane of symmetry (zygomorphic).
  • The Rubiaceae are morphologically easily recognizable as a coherent group by a combination of characters: opposite or whorled leaves that are simple and entire, interpetiolar stipules, tubular sympetalous actinomorphic corollas and an inferior ovary.
  • The leaves are alternate and lack interpetiolar stipules. The tubular corollas are actinomorphic, i.e. they are symmetric and can be divided in halves along any diameter.
  • Flowers are actinomorphic (radially symmetrical) with 5 free or fused sepals and petals.
  • Many flowers are also radially symmetric, or "actinomorphic".
  • Its flowers are actinomorphic and bisexual, and lack a corolla.
  • Pelorism is the term, said to be first used by Charles Darwin, for the formation of 'peloric flowers' which botanically is the abnormal production of radially symmetrical (actinomorphic) flowers in a species that usually produces bilaterally symmetrical (zygomorphic) flowers.
  • Most flowers are actinomorphic ("star shaped", "radial"), meaning they can be divided into 3 or more identical sectors which are related to each other by rotation about the center of the flower.
  • The flowers grow in lateral and terminal glomerulus. They are hermaphrodite, pentamerous and actinomorphic, accompanied with scaly silver bracts bigger that themselves. The fruit is an achene.
  • It is a perfect and complete flower with radial (actinomorphic) symmetry, and the whorls of the corrolla and the calyx are connately joined.
  • Flowers: arranged in scapiflorous inflorescences (in racemes, in spikes, and in heads). The peduncles are articulated. The flowers are hermaphroditic, actinomorphic, often showy.
  • The flowers are bisexual and actinomorphic (meaning have radial symmetry).
  • Its flowers are typically red or pink (occasionally white, yellow or greenish) and actinomorphic with elongated corolla lobes, although few flowers are normally produced.
  • They are evergreen poikilohydryc perennials which form rosettes of crinkly leaves with nearly actinomorphic flowers, borne on leafless stems in spring.
  • The Commelinoideae is separated morphologically from the other subfamily, Cartonematoideae, in having glandular microhairs, arteries containing needle-like calcium oxalate crystals called raphide canals in between the veins of the leaves, and flowers that are virtually never both yellow and actinomorphic.
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