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NOUN   an action diagram | action diagrams
action diagramAktionsdiagramm {n}
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Übersetzung für 'action diagram' von Englisch nach Deutsch

action diagram
Aktionsdiagramm {n}
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  • The book contains eight illustrations by the author as well as a diagram of the Monastery where the action takes place.
  • The diagram suggests our course of action: add a 2-simplex for this commutative triangle.
  • Constraints on the class diagram can be written in both Action Language and Object Constraint Language (OCL).
  • This diagram shows a 5-bit ripple carry adder in action.
  • See the diagram for a depiction of the Capabilities Emphasis, as tied in with mission/course of action, threads, activities, and architectures.
  • Arguably the most important part of their analysis lies in a state-transition diagram in Chapter 5, that Winograd and Flores claim underlies the significant illocutionary (speech act) claims of two parties attempting to coordinate action with one another, no matter whether the agents involved might be human–human, human–computer, or computer–computer.
  • The long side-chain (R2 in the diagram) determines the chemical properties, the mode of action and the strength of bisphosphonate drugs.
  • The article included a diagram of the action, the core of Cristofori's invention.
  • The diagram to the right shows part of the construction of the fundamental domain for the action of the modular group Γ on the upper half-plane "H".
  • Schur functors are indexed by Young diagrams in such a way that the horizontal diagram with "n" cells corresponds to the "n"th symmetric power functor, and the vertical diagram with "n" cells corresponds to the "n"th exterior power functor.
  • In all cases, a successful landing depends on the helicopter's height and velocity at the commencement of autorotation (see height-velocity diagram).
  • Because he only had a wiring schematic and not a signalling diagram he didn't appreciate that the starter signal was 'slotted' to four other track circuits, and was only supposed to clear once all those sections of line ahead were unoccupied.
  • on a Ferrers diagram of a plane partition—this corresponds to simultaneously permuting the three coordinates of all nodes.
  • The diagram above illustrates the point that a precipitate that is not one of the main species in the solution equilibrium may be formed.
  • The sentence 'The door cannot open' can be Force-Dynamically represented by the diagram at the top of this page.
  • This allows different superselection sectors, each parameterized by a Young diagram of "SN".
  • A digital timing diagram is an example of a well-ordered collection of rectangular pulses.
  • The purpose of the diagram is to help to determine magnitude, direction, and point of application of external loads.
  • Karpman is reported to have doodled thirty or more diagram types before settling on the triangle.
  • Kane said his influences for the character included actor Douglas Fairbanks' film portrayal of the swashbuckler Zorro; Leonardo da Vinci's diagram of the ornithopter, a flying machine with huge bat-like wings; and the 1930 film "The Bat Whispers", based on Mary Rinehart's mystery novel "The Circular Staircase" (1908).
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