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NOUN   an action element | action elements
action elements
Aktionselemente {pl}
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action elements
Aktionselemente {pl}tech.
Anwendungsbeispiele Englisch
  • Sometimes a thermostat combines both the sensing and control action elements of a controlled system, such as in an automotive thermostat.
  • "Dark Earth" is a post-apocalyptic adventure game with action elements, developed by Kalisto Entertainment and published by MicroProse for Microsoft Windows in 1997.
  • By this time 30 unit members had been killed due to enemy action. Elements of the unit remained in Europe for nearly a year, rebuilding and repairing roads and bridges damaged or destroyed during the war, with the last of their troops leaving Germany on 21 April 1946.
  • He also worked with Compound shooting live action elements for the 1999 IBM e-culture campaign that led to a Grand Prix at the Cannes Lions International Advertising Festival.
  • "Fire Dragon" (火雲傳奇) is a 1994 wuxia film with comedy and action elements, which features Brigitte Lin in the lead.
  • The game follows primarily side-scrolling action elements.
  • This incorporated many elements from the 'Gochyakyara' system, but removed the RPG and action elements making it strictly a war strategy game.
  • s live-action elements, while "Mudd's Passion" expanded on the live-action series with new themes.
  • The game was designed to place emphasis on the action elements of action-adventure gameplay and appeal to the action market.
  • They differ from the genre of classical wargames due to their discouragement or abstraction of military or action elements.
  • Otherwise, they praised the game for its precise controls and for its blend of puzzle and action elements.
  • Commentator Stephen La Rivière notes the contrast between the format of "The Secret Service" and those of earlier Supermarionation series, whose live-action elements were usually limited to occasional shots of human hands performing actions too complex for the puppets, such as operating machinery.
  • On his first three games, he moved from graphics, to graphics and scenario writing, to also directing the action elements.
  • Its gameplay features 3 versus 3 multiplayer arena matches, blending action elements traditional to the genre with RPG mechanics and "Final Fantasy" gameplay elements.
  • This series has a much darker story, with no comedy or action elements as evident in the other series.
  • You had elements that were live action, elements that were miniature, sometimes computer-generated, and they're all married together in the final processing."
  • However, there are a number of action games that do not fit any particular subgenres, as well as other types of genres like adventure or strategy games that have action elements.
  • During this action, elements of the 18th Pomeranian Uhlan Regiment met a large group of German infantry resting in the woods near the village of Krojanty.
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