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VERB   to action | actioned | actioned
actioning | actions
actioned stampErledigungs­vermerk {m} [Amtsspr.]
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Übersetzung für 'actioned' von Englisch nach Deutsch

actioned stamp
Erledigungs­vermerk {m} [Amtsspr.]
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  • Context sensitive help is a common implementation of context sensitivity, a single help button is actioned and the help page or menu will open a specific page or related topic.
  • He patented in 1945 a "new type of hydraulic lockgate actioned by the very water of the canal or dam where they are installed".
  • A 1929 proposal to extend the line to Monia Gap was never actioned.
  • Tbilisi Assembly (Sakrebulo) and actioned by the different governmental bodies of the Tbilisi City Hall.
  • All motions are passed through, and debated and actioned by votes from the National Council.
  • In 2006–2008, the Aboriginal Education Policy has been actioned within the Aboriginal Education and Training Strategy.
  • The Environmental Protection Authority recommended in 1974 that a one-kilometre-wide strip of vacant Crown land on the south side of Green Head-Coorow Road be added to the reserve – however, this was not actioned.
  • The report criticised other law enforcement agencies, alleging that complaints "will simply not be actioned with any priority, or at all".
  • The trustees subdivided the property and it was actioned as the Glenwood Estate.
  • The 11×59mmR was a rimmed, slightly bottlenecked, centerfire rifle cartridge with an external Berdan primer, developed for use in the single shot, bolt actioned Fusil Gras mle 1874.
  • Birmingham Small Arms Company produced Martini actioned rook rifles chambered in these cartridges, and some European single shot pistols and rifles were also chambered in them.
  • As expected, the first rifles chambered for it were made by Westley Richards both in a miniature Martini actioned single-shot rifle and the "Sherwood" target rifle, a modified takedown Martini actioned rifle with an easily removable barrel and a detachable lock mechanism held in place by a thumb screw.
  • SECI also actioned 500 MW for on December 22, 2017. The Hero Future Energies has been awarded 300 MW and SoftBank Group 200 MW.
  • The final result of the Yabber investigations including the resulting OIA investigations saw multiple recommendations and reforms actioned, intended to improve the ethical and legal conduct of local council staff and officials after instances of misconduct, perceived conflicts and actual conflicts were exposed.
  • The Schmidts disputed liability, on the basis that as the Hollands had not actioned the formality of informing them that they had accepted their repudiation of the contract, they could not treat the contract as legally cancelled.
  • In 2007 some of these paintings were exhibited at the Musei Capitolini in Rome and actioned by Sotheby's as a donation towards a humanitarian project in Uganda organized by the UNHCR.
  • If necessary, to completely avoid buffer overflow problems, bounds checking can usually be actioned for the compiler (or if not, hand coded in the simulator).
  • Sir Alfred Sharpe used a bolt-actioned .333 Jeffery rifle extensively for hunting in Africa, using it to hunt elephant and other game.
  • Hydraulic system, consisting in a press actioned by mostly self-feeding cylinders.
  • 85/97 and was replaced on 18 August 2020 with Sayyid Badr bin Hamad bin Hamood Al Busaidi (actioned by Royal Decree No. ...
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