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NOUN   an adiabatic process | adiabatic processes
adiabatic processadiabatischer Vorgang {m}
adiabatic process
adiabatischer Prozess {m}
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Übersetzung für 'adiabatic process' von Englisch nach Deutsch

adiabatic process
adiabatischer Vorgang {m}

adiabatischer Prozess {m}phys.tech.
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  • the time integral of the inner product of the stress measure with the rate of the strain measure should be equal to the change in internal energy for any adiabatic process that remains below the elastic limit.
  • The adiabatic process for air has a characteristic temperature-pressure curve, so the process determines the lapse rate.
  • The air here should be about 60 to 65% RH, which is then lifted along the dry adiabat (see also adiabatic process) to the lifting condensation level (LCL), which is the intersection of that curve with the average mixing ratio in the boundary layer.
  • Heat supplied is then defined as the residual change in internal energy after work has been taken into account, in a non-adiabatic process.
  • The discrepancy is due primarily to neglecting the (then unknown) effect of rapidly-fluctuating temperature in a sound wave (in modern terms, sound wave compression and expansion of air is an adiabatic process, not an isothermal process).
  • Heat transfer from point 4 to 1 and point 2 to 3 are equal to zero (adiabatic process).
  • In atmospheric science, equivalent temperature is the temperature of air in a parcel from which all the water vapor has been extracted by an adiabatic process.
  • In thermodynamics, an adiabatic process (Greek: "adiábatos", "impassable") is a type of thermodynamic process that occurs without transferring heat or mass between the thermodynamic system and its environment.
  • For a quasi-static adiabatic process, the change in internal energy is equal to minus the integral amount of work done by the system, so the work also depends only on the initial and final states of the process and is one and the same for every intermediate path.
  • There is a style of circuit design ideally exhibiting this property that is referred to as charge recovery logic, adiabatic circuits, or adiabatic computing (see Adiabatic process).
  • Weather phenomenon obey adiabatic process associated with air mass and not Newtonian mechanics, so the lock criterion is not normally used for weather radar.
  • Convection is the dominant mode of energy transport when the temperature gradient is steep enough so that a given parcel of gas within the star will continue to rise if it rises slightly via an adiabatic process.
  • This constant cloud cover and persistent winds produced by the adiabatic process of air particles rushing up through the mountainside has affected the morphology of El Yunque, but the most effect has been on the "bosque enano" or dwarf forest.
  • An adiabatic process is one where there is no heat transfer between the fluid and the surroundings: the system is insulated against heat transfer.
  • Paraelectricity has been explored as a possible refrigeration mechanism; polarising a paraelectric by applying an electric field under adiabatic process conditions raises the temperature, while removing the field lowers the temperature.
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