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VERB   to admit | admitted | admitted
admitting | admits
sb. admitsjd. gibt zu
sb. admitsjd. lässt zu
2 Wörter
if sb. admitswenn jd. zugibt
if sb. admitswenn jd. zulässt
3 Wörter
He admits that ...Er gesteht ein, dass ...
5+ Wörter
It admits of no excuse. [obs.]Es ist unentschuldbar.
It admits of no excuse. [obs.]Es lässt sich nicht entschuldigen.
This door admits to the garden.Diese Tür gewährt Zugang zum Garten. [geh.]
Words importing the singular meaning where the context so admits include the plural meaning and vice versa.
Wörter im Singular schließen, soweit es der Kontext erlaubt, den Plural mit ein und umgekehrt.
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Anwendungsbeispiele Englisch
  • She confronts Yarvell, who admits to warning Thal patrols.
  • Emily tries to make her marriage work, but admits her responses to Nikolas are faked.
  • Put on the spot to share, Nancy admits they haven't had sex for months.
  • Harry then admits the reason he didn't tell Ruth about Elena was through shame of his own cowardice and Ruth indirectly admits in return that she was jealous of his relationship with Elena.
  • Nanyang Junior College admits students annually through the Joint Admission Exercise (JAE), as well as through Direct School Admission (DSA).
  • A similar trend exists across the most competitive liberal arts colleges in early decision application and admission numbers, with over 50% of the class being filled at these schools from ED admits compared to only about 44% in 2012-13.
  • Sohail admits that whilst he was an Islamist, he was involved in propagating his radical views at Sir George Monoux College.
  • Therefore, the resulting graph admits an ISR if and only if the original hypergraph admits a 3DM.
  • The first specific occurrence of aperiodic tilings arose in 1961, when logician Hao Wang tried to determine whether the Domino Problem is decidable — that is, whether there exists an algorithm for deciding if a given finite set of prototiles admits a tiling of the plane.
  • Sergei admits to the crime publicly and, in repentance, also tells of where Zinovy is buried and admits to that crime as well.
  • The AIHS problem asks whether every operator admits an AIHS.
  • If a given manifold admits a geometric structure, then it admits one whose model is maximal.
  • The paediatric department has 100 beds and admits around 3000 patients annually.
  • -dimensional manifold admits [...] vector fields that are linearly independent at each point if and only if its frame bundle admits a global section.
  • (By abuse of language, it is also sometimes said that the (full) sequent calculus admits cut, meaning its cut-free version does.) However, admissibility in sequent calculi is usually only a notational variant for admissibility in the corresponding logic: any complete calculus for (say) intuitionistic logic admits a sequent rule if and only if "IPC" admits the formula rule that we obtain by translating each sequent [...] to its characteristic formula [...].
  • ] admits a [...] -action and thus a real and complex projectivization [...].
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