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NOUN   an admittance | admittances
admittancesZulassungen {pl}
admittancesZutritte {pl}
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Übersetzung für 'admittances' von Englisch nach Deutsch

Zulassungen {pl}

Zutritte {pl}
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  • Electrical resonance occurs in a ceramic capacitor at a particular resonance frequency where the imaginary parts of the capacitor impedance and admittances cancel each other.
  • The transformed network will have shunt admittances that are dual networks of the series impedances if they were duals in the starting network - which is the case with series inductors and shunt capacitors.
  • are called the "self-admittances" at the nodes, and each equals the sum of all the admittances terminating on the node identified by the repeated subscripts.
  • The theorem can be extended to admittances and the encompassing concept of immittances.
  • Electrical resonance occurs in an electric circuit at a particular "resonant frequency" when the impedances or admittances of circuit elements cancel each other.
  • New negotiations between the tram companies were carried out, but neither party was willing to make sufficient admittances for agreement to be reached.
  • A short length of a power line (less than 80 km) can be approximated with a resistance in series with an inductance and ignoring the shunt admittances.
  • If all of the parameters are represented as admittances and current sources, the equivalent per-phase schematic diagram is called an "admittance diagram".
  • The stub and main guides are no longer the same, so their wavenumbers and characteristic admittances are also different.
  • This depends on whether TM or TE modes are considered with reference to the x direction, so that Eqs. (3) or (5) can be used for the relevant characteristic admittances.
  • However, for purely-reactive impedances (which are purely-susceptive admittances), the susceptance is equal to the negative reciprocal of the reactance, except when either is zero.
  • -axis represents capacitive admittances and the region below the [...] -axis represents inductive admittances.
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