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admitted into societyin die feine Gesellschaft aufgenommen
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Übersetzung für 'admitted into society' von Englisch nach Deutsch

admitted into society
in die feine Gesellschaft aufgenommen
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  • A fraternal benefit society is operating under a lodge system if it has a supreme governing body and subordinate lodges into which members are elected, initiated or admitted in accordance with its laws.
  • Frankfurter also admitted the term "due process" was nebulous but asserted that it existed to preserve the fairness and integrity of the system and that society expects judges to act impartially and to take into account precedence and social context.
  • Freycinet was admitted into the French Academy of Sciences in 1825, and was one of the founders of the Paris Geographical Society.
  • From 1970 to 1975 Hodgkin served as the 53rd president of the Royal Society (PRS). During his tenure as PRS, he was knighted in 1972 and admitted into the Order of Merit in 1973.
  • In 1939, after the failure of the Munich Agreement and appeasement in general to halt Nazi Germany's expansionism in Continental Europe, he wrote a letter to "The Daily Telegraph" advocating for Winston Churchill to be admitted into the National Government Cabinet.
  • In 1686 Robert Plot's "Natural History of Staffordshire" contains a passage about persons of quality being admitted to the society of free-masons, whose history Plot finds invented and ridiculous.
  • She had no children, but in her autobiography admitted that she was once pressured into undergoing a certain "medical procedure" to terminate a pregnancy.
  • After spending a year in gaol, he returned to Rome in 1566 where he was admitted to the Society of Jesus.
  • He was subsequently admitted to the bar as a barrister, and was a public defender until his entry into federal politics in 1990.
  • Petersberg at a time when women were not admitted into higher education institutions.
  • In February 1676, he was admitted a Fellow of the Royal Society, and in July, he moved into the Observatory where he lived until 1684, when he was "[...]levated to the priesthood [...] appointed rector" his former assistant with whom he previously had a cordial relationship.
  • The "Musical Times" commented: "There are some conservative minds who may regret the banishment of the 'knavish tricks' and aggressive spirit of the discarded verse, but it must be admitted that Dean Hole's lines are more consonant with the sentiment of modern Christianity."
  • He was admitted after the magazine explained that he was an invited guest.
  • However, opportunities for higher education expanded as women were admitted to all-male schools like the United States service academies and Ivy League strongholds.
  • In December 1940 Shostakovich admitted that he had overreached and failed to write a Lenin cantata based on Mayakovsky's text.
  • He also introduced "General Education Courses," in which students of all ages who did not have a high school degree were admitted and allowed to continue their education at the university after graduation.
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