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NOUN   agonistic behavior | [scient. usage] agonistic behaviors
agonistic behavior [Am.]
Kampfverhalten {n}
agonistic behavior [Am.]
agonistisches Verhalten {n}
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Übersetzung für 'agonistic behavior' von Englisch nach Deutsch

agonistic behavior [Am.]
Kampfverhalten {n}psych.zool.

agonistisches Verhalten {n}psych.sociol.zool.
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  • Intra- and inter-specific agonistic behavior is documented, but varies greatly among slug species.
  • Although rare, agonistic behavior between males and females during courtship displays is seen in nature.
  • When metabolic rates for daffodil cichlids were measured using a respirometer, it was found that pair males invested their energy expenditure almost exclusively in intrafamily agonistic behavior, while pair females shared the investment in territory maintenance and direct brood care.
  • The antillean crested hummingbird and many other trochilid hummingbirds display agonistic behavior towards not only other species of hummingbirds but also other noncompetitor bird species, reptiles and insects, which can have for effect to locally reduce biotic diversity and associated ecosystem services.
  • Sheathbills that are actively hunting for food spend approximately 38% of the day hunting, 20% of the time eating their prey, 23% just resting, 14% doing various comfortable activities, and the final 3% will be towards agonistic behavior.
  • This call was also heard during agonistic behavior interactions with conspecifics, and may serve additionally or alternatively as an alarm call to their mate.
  • Where flowers are plentiful it and other hummingbirds appear to feed with little agonistic behavior but where they are scarce this species attempts to defend flower patches from smaller hummingbirds.
  • Their competitor recognition agonistic behavior allows the "Pordacis hispaniscus" to determine the outcome of their conflict more quickly and often leads to shorter aggression time on the second encounter.
  • They are distinguished by horn-like structures, probably for display or agonistic behavior.
  • ] Agonistic behavior is common between neighboring groups and can sometimes results in fights, although usually the aggression is limited to intergroup vocalization.
  • This dominance hierarchy is particularly helpful in explaining female-initiated agonistic behavior.
  • Birds with similarly sized gold crown patches are far more likely to engage in agonistic behavior than are those showing differences, and the outcomes of such confrontations can be predicted based on the color of their black stripes.
  • Both sexes may attempt to defend feeding territories, leading to chasing and other agonistic behavior.
  • Releasing sperm directly into the water increases sperm competition through agonistic behavior and spawning in groups.
  • ... 1953) is an evolutionary biologist, specializing in the evolutionary ecology of parasitism, evolutionary medicine, agonistic behavior, and pollination biology.
  • wyomingensis" specimen were likely due to agonistic behavior.
  • sexpunctatus" males exhibit ritualized courtship and agonistic behavior.
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