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NOUN   agonistic behaviour | [scient. usage] agonistic behaviours
agonistic behaviour [Br.]
Kampfverhalten {n}
agonistic behaviour [Br.]
agonistisches Verhalten {n}
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Übersetzung für 'agonistic behaviour' von Englisch nach Deutsch

agonistic behaviour [Br.]
Kampfverhalten {n}psych.zool.

agonistisches Verhalten {n}psych.sociol.zool.
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  • Agonistic behaviour is a result of evolution, and this can be studied in a number of species facing different environmental pressures.
  • To recognize and identify true agonistic behaviour, it is first important to understand what constitutes "normal" behaviour in sharks, specific to the lifestyle of the species of interest.
  • According to some paleontologists this structure would be implicated in intraspecific agonistic behaviour, including head-pushing probably during the mating season.
  • This is corroborated by Spassov's (1982) observations that the plates are arranged for maximum visible effect when viewed laterally during non-aggressive agonistic behaviour, as opposed to from a head-on aggressive stance.
  • This is possible if the tail club was used for agonistic behaviour.
  • However, these lizards are territorial and can display agonistic behaviour towards conspecific intruders.
  • Competition between two colonies always results in agonistic behaviour towards each other, resulting in fights.
  • The high levels of sexual dimorphism could indicate relatively intense male–male competition, though considering the upper canines only projected slightly farther than the cheek teeth, canine display was probably not very important in agonistic behaviour, unlike modern non-human apes.
  • Only unhealthy stallions have their harems taken over, and even then, the new stallion slowly takes over, peacefully displacing the old one. Agonistic behaviour between male Grévy's zebras occurs at the border of their territories.
  • Families of acalyptrate flies exhibiting morphological development associated with agonistic behaviour include: Clusiidae, Diopsidae, Drosophilidae, Platystomatidae, Tephritidae and Ulidiidae.
  • After the war he married fellow zoologist Janet Singer (in 1950) and studied for a PhD at Bristol University, being awarded the doctorate in 1954. His PhD thesis was on agonistic behaviour.
  • As opponents get close, agonistic behaviours of the male nankeen night heron includes pointing and snapping its bill and waving its wing, while crouching and glaring at its opponent.
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