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NOUN   an alembic | alembics
Schmelztiegel {m}
alembicDestillierkolben {m}
alembic [an apparatus formerly used in distillation]Alembic {m} [Brennblase]
alembic [distillation apparatus]Brennhut {m} [Alambik]
alembic [distillation apparatus]Destillierhelm {m} [Alambik]
alembic [distillation apparatus]Alambik {m} [Alambic, Alembic]
alembic [distillation apparatus]
Alambic {m} [Destillierhelm]
The Alembic Club [Edinburgh]
[Kreis von 5 Mitarbeitern des Fachbereichs Chemie der Universität Edinburgh, der sich 1889 formierte und sich „The Alembic Club“ nannte]
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  • The word alembic (via the Greek Ambix) comes from Arabic "al-anbiq".
  • The distillation of absinthe first yields a colourless distillate that leaves the alembic at around 72% ABV.
  • ... see also alembic) in the Greek dialect of Cyprus.
  • Distillation takes place in traditionally shaped Charentais copper alembic stills, the design and dimensions of which are also legally controlled.
  • The image, he wrote "seemed to indicate an atmosphere of excitement and exhilaration centred round the distillation of a dance hall and a sunset in an alembic".
  • The first record of Armagnac distillation comes only in 1646, with the purchase of an alembic.
  • An alembic is an alchemical still.
  • It puts a copper alembic with a downward-sloping tube, similar to those used in 200 BC in Ancient Egypt, on top of the copper pot containing the liquid to be distilled.
  • Professor Alembick's name is a pun on alembic, an alchemical still.
  • Compared to the simple air-cooled tube condenser of a retort or the head of an alembic, the Liebig condenser is more efficient at removing the heat of condensation and at maintaining a stable low temperature on the condensation surface.
  • The modern pot still is a descendant of the alembic, an earlier distillation device.
  • Some writers consider her to be the inventor of the alembic, a distillation apparatus.
  • "Fallen" was recorded and mixed during two weeks in Grieghallen studios, using a Spector bass with alembic electronics on a Vox AC50 amp from 1965, a Ludwig drum kit (with a 26-inch kick) from 1975, a Neumann M149 microphone and stereo Schoeps CMTS 501 U microphones for vocals, an OBH Nordica Harmony 6487, a custom Stig instrument and a Peavey 23 guitar on a Peavey 6505 (120 Watt) amp.
  • Robert François Laugier (1722–1793) was a French pharmacologist. He is known for his book "Institutiones pharmaceuticae sive philosophia pharmaceutica" and for his work on the alembic.
  • On Argimusco the statues of the Pelican, the Owl and finally a rock that resembles the alchemical alembic have been found.
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