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alive again {adj}wieder lebendig
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Übersetzung für 'alive again' von Englisch nach Deutsch

alive again {adj}
wieder lebendig
Anwendungsbeispiele Englisch
  • Mystique is seen alive again posing as Sabretooth at Los Angeles International Airport.
  • No one ever saw the victim alive again.
  • Hubert Crackanthorpe was never seen alive again after his wife left him for the second time.
  • Splendid came alive again in 1992. Splendid Geyser was last active in 1998.
  • Razor Fist is later seen alive again and joins a group of Shang-Chi's enemies that includes Shen Kuei, Shockwave, Death-Hand, Shadow Stalker, Tiger-Claw, and others led by Midnight Sun that ambushes the Master of Kung Fu and Domino while the two are on a date in Hong Kong.
  • The story line ended with Martine now alive again due to mystical forces, but no longer able to experience her full range of emotions.
  • Alix is relieved, coming alive again. The letter to her husband was false.
  • During that time, many deities of Toril who were considered dead or lost managed to return to life, Eilistraee is alive again and she is one of the deities with whom the returned Mystra is currently sharing the Weave (as revealed in Ed Greenwood's novel "Spellstorm").
  • Ferrari and Formula One are alive again in this season and a new monument has been created ...Hard work and self-sacrifice have been rewarded."
  • Black Jack/Force was seen alive again some time later when ordered by General Eiling to bring in Firestorm, under the pretense that the rogue meta was a threat to national security.
  • "It could have been one of those creatures of 200 million years ago come alive again".
  • None were seen alive again after having been tortured at ESMA and "transferred", a euphemism for being taken elsewhere to be killed.
  • Helens came alive again around 1200 BC — the Pine Creek eruptive period.
  • Alex visits Josh — now alive again — who notices that Alex seems pleased with herself, though she does not explain why.
  • According to scholar Judith Saunders, the signature biblical allusion identified in the book is, "Walden was dead and is alive again."
  • In the Gospel of Luke the father says, "For this son of mine was dead and is alive again; he was lost, and is found".
  • He was never seen alive again. His body was found on top of a [...] mound of coal near Todmorden.
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