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alive tovoll bewusst
alive toempfindlich für
alive to {adj}aufgeschlossen für
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alive to pain {adj}schmerzempfindlich
alive to pain {adj}empfänglich für Schmerzen
to be alive to sth.für etw. die Augen offen haben
to be alive to sth.sichDat. etw.Gen. bewusst sein
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He was found to be still alive.Er war, wie sich herausstellte, noch am Leben.
He was found to be still alive.Es stellte sich heraus, dass er noch am Leben war.
to be alive to the importancesichDat. der Wichtigkeit bewusst sein
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Anwendungsbeispiele Englisch
  • Atlantic salmon fishing is restricted to fly fishing only and all large salmon caught must be released alive to protect the spawning population.
  • Jigme Lingpa also states one should practice this meditation while one is alive, to prepare for the death process meditation: "even while one is alive, when the sky is pristine, direct awareness into space and think, 'The moment of death has arrived.
  • Augustus and Susie have a heart-to-heart in which he hopes that if their grandchildren develop the weaknesses he associates with money that is inherited rather than earned, he or Susie will be alive to set them straight.
  • (Although the earliest Islamic traditions and exegesis quote somewhat conflicting reports regarding a death and its length, Muslims believe that Jesus did not die on the cross, but believe that he was saved by being raised alive to heaven).
  • Bethencourt Alfonso has claimed that goat kids were tied by the legs, alive, to a stake so that they could be heard bleating by the gods.
  • By the time of John's death, only his grandson Sebastian was alive to inherit the crown.
  • Dijkstra was alive to receive notice of the award, but it was accepted by his family in an award ceremony after his death.
  • Notably in Britain and Ireland, pike are greatly admired as a sporting fish and they are returned alive to the water to safeguard future sport and maintain the balance of a fishery.
  • Once Heracles captured the hind, and only after explaining to Artemis and Apollo ("who would have wrested the hind from him") that he had only hurt the sacred hind out of necessity, was he allowed to take it alive to Eurystheus in Mycenae, thus completing his third labour.
  • Based on Hesiod's description, the debate is still alive to determine if Elpis was only "hope", or more generally "expectation".
  • A nuclear war occurs at the end of Bradbury's dystopian futuristic novel "Fahrenheit 451" (1953), with the outcasts who had fled an unidentified American city to escape a despotic government which burned books in order control the public by limiting knowledge left alive to re-establish society.
  • Analysis of the lower jaw revealed that a surgery has been performed, when the warrior was alive, to the jaw which had been badly fractured and it tied back together until it healed.
  • Pricket knew he and the other survivors of the mutiny would be tried in England for piracy, and it would have been in his interest, and the interest of the other survivors, to put together a narrative that would place the blame for the mutiny upon men who were no longer alive to defend themselves.
  • On receiving this intelligence Lord Barham was alive to the enemy strategy and immediately ordered Admiral William Cornwallis to combine his squadron with that of Vice Admiral Sir Robert Calder off Ferrol and to stretch out thirty to forty leagues into the Atlantic to block the French from entering the Channel.
  • William Jackson in his contemporary essays said of him "to his intimate friends he was sincere and honest and that his heart was always alive to every feeling of honour and generosity".
  • This otherworld vision describes how a violently ill monk is freed from his body and guided by angels to a place of judgment, where angels and devils fight over his soul as his sins and virtues come alive to accuse and defend him.
  • s fan base staged a write-in campaign to keep the show alive.
  • peaked at number one both in the UK and Australia, where it relegated Slade Alive to the second spot; and reaching number 69 in America.
  • transformed into the "white goddess" Leucothea; Melicertes was carried more dead than alive to the shores where the Isthmian Games were celebrated in his honour, as he was transformed to the hero Palaimon, who was placated with a nocturnal chthonic rite, and the whose winners were crowned with a barren wreath of spruce.
  • Bronze however is not alive and changing its shape does not involve a substantial change.
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