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alive with [predicative adj.]voller [prep +Gen.] [Tiere, Menschen]
alive with fish {adj} [postpos.]voller Fische [nachgestellt]
alive with people {adj} [postpos.]voller Leute [nachgestellt]
to be alive with sth.von etw.Dat. wimmeln
to be alive with insectsvon Insekten wimmeln
cheese alive with maggotsKäse {m} mit Maden
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  • This lack of support from Guadalajara kept ambitions for a distinct state alive, with city first petitioning for more support from Guadalajara, but not receiving it.
  • As the spring flowers bloom and the prairie comes alive with new settlers, the Ingalls family moves to their new piece of land and begins building what will become their permanent home.
  • The collaboration occurred following Gaynor praising Minogue for keeping Disco alive with her album of the same name.
  • Delacroix's painting of the death of the Assyrian king Sardanapalus shows an emotionally stirring scene alive with beautiful colours, exotic costumes and tragic events.
  • The recipient bodies had to be kept alive with mechanical ventilation and drugs to stimulate the heart.
  • However, after the trial the witness was seen alive with the prosecutors.
  • On 21 March 2015, Stereophonics performed in Bristol and in London's Royal Albert Hall and debuted 3 new songs "C'est La Vie", "I Wanna Get Lost With You" and "Song for the Summer" which are to be on their 9th album "Keep the Village Alive" with the release date of 11 September.
  • Guinevere is then executed by Lancelot and Mordred is entombed alive with her body, which he consumes before dying of starvation.
  • In 1581, the possibly fictitious German serial killer Christman Genipperteinga remained conscious for nine days on the breaking wheel before expiring, having been deliberately kept alive with "strong drink".
  • Eventually, Proton spots him and attacks Duke but he escapes and is reunited with Dylan (revealed as still alive).
  • For instance, the slopes around Montreux, Switzerland and its associated riviera come alive with blooms each May ("May Snow") at the annual Narcissi Festival.
  • Every year, on the Thursday before Father's Day weekend, the downtown streets of Logan, Ohio come alive with the celebration of the washboard, as a musical instrument.
  • The village would come alive with gossip when court was in session.
  • Only the first of these classes "Saint Second Class" contains real human beings (deceased and alive), with higher classes reserved for fictional beings who, by virtue of being fictional, are better able to reach the Discordian view of perfection.
  • They also have buried slaves alive with their owners upon death as part of a funeral service.
  • One critic describes the typical Bush sound as "Mild dominant discords, of consonant effect, used with great originality in uncommon progressions alive with swift, purposeful harmonic movement ...
  • At the end-stage of his dementia he was cared for by his wife and intended not to be kept alive with life support or have CPR performed on him.
  • At the end of the Pacific War, less than five thousand Palauans were left alive with many Palauan families adopting Japanese children into their midst (those refused passage back to Japan, as they were too young to make the dangerous journey).
  • The Pliocene seas were alive with sea cows, seals, sea lions and sharks.
  • Lineker scored three hat-tricks for Everton; at home to Birmingham City in a 4–1 league win on 31 August 1985, at home to Manchester City in a 4–0 home win on 11 February 1986, and then in the penultimate league game of the season on 3 May 1986, when they kept their title hopes alive with a 6–1 home win over Southampton.
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